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  1. Come February 16th Lifeline 607 will no doubt become an unprofitable ambulance for AMR.
  2. Council voted last night. Maricopa Ambulance gets green light to become Scottsdale's 911 ambulance service provider starting in Feb. 2018.
  3. Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department Medic 276 2017 Ford E-450 - Type III - Horton model 553
  4. Not a done deal. The city council vote on this new contract was canceled this past Monday. The contract approval appears to be in limbo for some reason.
  5. What is the role of those TFD Ford rescue trucks?
  6. Ambo specs start at page 219 (exhibit F):
  7. Scottsdale City Council Planned Agendas Monday, November 13, 2017 - Regular Meeting Agenda Categories and Items 19. Ambulance Services Contract for Emergency Transportation Adopt Resolution #10951 authorizing the city to approve contract number 2017-163-COS, awarding the Ambulance Services contract to Maricopa Ambulance. Responsible Person(s): TShannon;Chief
  8. Have they started doing more patient transports with their Rescues this year? They only did 9 transports in 2016.
  9. Getting closer to a done deal. It appears AMR will experience a name change possibly. Press release regarding the sale to KKR.
  10. 'Hospital on wheels' aims for faster stroke treatment in metro Phoenix
  11. Hellsgate ambulance bid update
  13. An Administrative Law Judge and the Director of the Arizona DHS have both denied Hellsgate FD's application for a Certificate of Necessity to operate an ambulance service. The arduous application process took 17 months and ended up costing the fire department $370,000. Life Line Ambulance will continue to provide service to that area of the state. "The district’s fire board recently put Chief David Bathke on paid non-disciplinary leave and hired an investigator to look into unspecified issues within the department."
  14. Denmark-based Falck and Nevada-based Community Ambulance have submitted applications to the Arizona DHS seeking a 'Certificate of Necessity' to operate ambulance services in Maricopa County.
  15. Buyouts magazine (5-16-2017) "Envision Healthcare Corp.‘s process to divest its medical-transportation unit is advancing toward what could ultimately produce a deal worth well over $2 billion. First-round proposals for the Envision subsidiary known as AMR, or American Medical Response, were submitted last week"