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  1. This is from LAFD library, before it went behind the firewall. Category A - Not less than 4 companies, not less than 1 truck. Nearest Light Force dispatched. Required flow <4500 gpm Category B - Not less than 6 companies, not less than 2 trucks. Apartments, Hotels, higher than 4 stories. Commercials greater than 15,000 sq/ft and two floors " " " 10,000 sq/ft and one floor under one roof. Schools, Hospitals and Churches. Required flow >4500 gpm Category C - Not less than 4 companies, 3 engines and 1 truck Special Assignments - Brush, Harbor, Airport. Category D - Automatic Alarms 1 engine and 1 truck on initial dispatch, Full assignment on confirmation. EMS BLS non-emergency - Nearest BLS resource BLS emergency - Nearest BLS resource ALS Emergency - Closest ALS resource ALS High Risk - Closest resource and ALS resource This is at least five years old, but fairly close.
  2. A few things to keep in mind about LAFD truck operations. Los Angeles does have some wide streets, but a lesson learned long ago is that every piece of equipment must be able to cover any station. So a truck from Downtown or Venice could end up in the Hollywood Hills or in an older part of town with 1930's era streets. It should also be remembered that the Truck runs with an Engine (200 series) on every run, and can operate as an Engine company if needed. The Firefighter positions rotate between apparatus, and "everyone can do everything." Truck today, Engine tomorrow.
  3. Artist rendering of the new FS 39. From the Prop.F report
  4. No, this is a standard station (Task Force, Rescue and BC). It sits on one acre and covers 15K square feet.
  5. I drove by the new location Wednesday, and they were in the cinder block stage of construction.
  6. That is correct. RH 214 is the Air Ambulance (Pilot, Helitac and 2 Paramedics) HOA, HOB and HOC are the dispatch computer place holders, as Air Ops sends the Helos appropriate for the incident, then notifys MFD which Helos have been assigned.
  7. There is a former Long Beach Fire boat for sale on eBay. It was auctioned off last month. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Port-of-Longbeach-Fire-Boat-Liberty-86-powerboat-fire-nozzles-Detroit-Engines/302599195159?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D49451%26meid%3Dd0becb148dd34f739f280bb44f90b180%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D9%26sd%3D302599195159&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A91a20547-fa88-11e7-9e74-74dbd180bd54%7Cparentrq%3Afdb5677b1600aa485a30d53effdb54bd%7Ciid%3A1
  8. When the LAFD bought the first Emergency Air 1, it had a blue light to make finding it on the fire ground easier. It was not used enroute, but only at the incident. The CHP had a fit and the blue light was removed.
  9. The property belonged the DWP, and was a storage/maintenance yard for the Power side. The neighborhood is trading a dusty lot with very large trucks coming and going, for a cleaner facility with about half the vehicle traffic.
  10. From what I have seen, the Tractor Company moves all sorts of things, including helicopters and the other heavy equipment belonging to the LAFD. If it needs a flat bed trailer, the Tractor company will move it, availability not with standing.
  11. There appears to be a small pump panel behind the crew compartment door, and a pump panel amidships.
  12. Sorry for the confusion over the term volunteer. I did mean regular LAFD personnel working an extra shift, as opposed to "Assign Hired", or being forced to work overtime.
  13. Here is some additional Information. The units are numbered FR 201 which operates from FS 20, and FR 401 which operates in FS 91's district. FR 401 is kept at FS 98. They do not respond from any station, but can attach themselves to an incident if they want to. FR 201 drives a set route, while FR 401 just drives around in 91's district. They work a 4/10, starting at 0800. They are staffed by volunteers. The units are both older Brush Patrols, and not new purchases.
  14. The LAFD introduced the two new Fast Response Vehicles yesterday. They are a combination Paramedic unit and Brush Patrol. Attached is the LAFD press release. . http://www.lafd.org/news/lafd-unveils-innovative-fast-response-vehicles
  15. I always thought it was the possessive "S", as in 88's engine or 111's quarters.