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  1. Cat City and Idyllwild only agencies in Riverside County still using the 3 digit mutual aid numbers now.
  2. The Harbor PD fire boats are (or were) Marine 1, Marine 2, etc....
  3. Hi, anybody know if Heartland (El Cajon) Fire still have the county Type 3 Engine?
  4. They cover most all of unincorporated County Areas of La Mesa and El Cajon, Lakeside covers what is left of unincorporated El Cajon.
  5. There is a video up on YouTube from this AM showing Light Force 11 responding with new Truck 11
  6. Additional info appears Escondido switched to new numbers at 10:00am, a bunch of tests on CAD (PulsePoint) starting at 10:00, four digit before that.
  7. On PulsePoint Escondido is showing 3 digit numbers, E131, T131, E137 and so on, noticed still 4 digit still on agencies dispatched by North County, also SMFD new engine labeled E141 in photos, my guess they rest of North County changing soon.
  8. Miami-dade Fire Rescue is it's home
  9. I believe the E-1 built Rescue is now Light & Air 7685 out of "15's", not sure where the Ferrara built Rescue is and it's status, RE12, R3 and the Trucks seem to be holding the rescue ball in the Zone.
  10. Truck 7675 is San Miguel ' s FPD Truck Co.
  11. There is a video on U-Tube mostly of the radio traffic of the incident, it does show Video from a local new chopper that keeps repeating, at one point you see a bunch of folks scramble due to a security fence following down during the incident.
  12. Hi, when the present day Truck 6 went into service El Cajon advertised it as a combo Heavy Rescue and Ladder Company and it had a bunch of features to support that role. Is Truck 6 still equipped with rescue gear beyond standard California style Truck Companies and considered a heavy rescue or did they have to lighten up on the equipment do to the weight issues.
  13. In late 70's into early 80's in San Diego County almost every dept except San Diego City and Military were using 4 digit system grouped by Zone, Not sure with if it was 1979 or 1980 Zone 4 (Heartland) chiefs decided to go to single and 2 digit station number system which stands today, they still use 4 digit for some staff and chiefs. I hear San Miguel will go back to Heartland dispatch and take up their old numbers: 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 23
  14. Thank You
  15. Silly auto correct San Miguel not San Manual