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  1. Sweeet on the Velocity for E13, Do you know if it will be a PUC, Did you here what the red flags were on the Rosenbauer ? Tks for the info
  2. tks
  3. E857 old Freightliner/ERV going to Pima County or Yuma ?
  4. Queen Creek NE Station is going in on Queen Creek Rd & Signal Butte Rd, E415 should be able to get to Ironwood Crossings within 4 Minutes
  5. E857's Freightliner/Spartan ERV is only a couple of years old. Any more PUCS or replacements coming for E842, E843, E844
  6. tks for the update,
  7. Sweeeet !! hear any word or rumors what's coming in 2018, I heard rumors of a new Global Striker, 1 Mid Mount Tower, 1 or 2 LT's & 2 or 3 pumpers
  8. 14 new Ford E450 Type III Wheeled Coaches will be purchased and will be branded for Scottsdale, their wiil be 8 24/7 cars + 3 peak hours cars
  9. Any update Station 844 ? Queen Creek is annexing Ironwood Crossing's and eveything west of Ironwond/Ganzel from the RR Tracks to the new SR24 William Gateway Freeway
  10. Gilbert getting 1 2018 Velocity w/raised cab sides w/notch 107ft Ascendant Quint, 1 2018 Quantum Engine & 1 2018 Enforcer Encore Utility w/cascade system with 2 light towers
  11. Gilbert Fire Station # 9 (259) Ground Breaking November 7 at 10:00,
  12. All 3 stations are out for bids for architect design, Replacement Station 181 & New Station 186 (186's being paid for by Estrella Mountian Ranch Developers) should be completed in the next year, Station 18X (Citrus & Harrison Rd) is scheduled to break ground in 2019
  13. Fountain Hills has some proposed mid rises in downtown Fountain Hills
  14. Fountain Hills is getting Rosenbauer 101ft Tower stock/spec model and the old ALF ladder wil be donated to Port Aransas TX FD
  15. Are they going to use one their new Type III Horton's for LA271 ?