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  1. They were just in Appleton for a production inspection and are very happy with the Velocity pumper production inspection
  2. Any word what E844 is getting as it's regular ride or update on the Ladder Co. going to East County ?
  3. E183, E184 & E185, and are looking into refurbishing the Pierce's
  4. When they ordered the Smeals, the City Council asked the Fire Chief why were already replacing 4 year old fire trucks ? and before you were hired as Fire Chief, Pierce was the sole provider for fire apparatus. The Chief told them Pierce didn't bid, When they ordered the KME's The Town Manager & Fire Chief told the Council that the KME's were high quality at bargain price. Also Chandler recently purchased 3 Smeal pumpers. Now they have ordered Rosenbauer's ( 2 pumpers & 2 Platforms, & a utility ) and they had a Spartan ERV pumper on order for E2811. I assume they cancelled it Spartan/ERV & Smeal are the same co
  5. Their ordering a new Ladder 181
  6. E182 & E183 getting the other 2 ?
  7. Awesome, Thanks for posting them
  8. tks for update
  9. E13 getting the PUC ?
  10. Tks for the update,
  11. Phoenix ordered 5 2019 Demers Ambulances
  12. Mesa needs the rent money
  13. Did Goodyear's 3 new Spartan/Smeal rear mount pump panel get delivered yet ? they were suppose to be delivered in the Spring and any word of what their ordering for new L181,
  14. Also Native 1 is no longer at Gilbert Hospital