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  1. AMR 411 is now stationed at FS 411 E419@ Station 412
  2. 2541 is still in service
  3. Not sure, but 2541 home post is @Higley & Chander Heights and 2540 home post is Downtown Gilbert and their always a spare car their & one @411's quarters Gilbert's LA 1 year pilot is coming to end and now their's discussions on what's next.
  4. AMR 413 is now in service @Queen Creek Fire Station 413
  5. Most of the Pierce's are over 10 to 15 years old and are worn and beat. Already having problems & electrical issues with new & 1 year old Smeal's & SVI's, Wait till they get 3 or 4 years old and get miles & hours on them. LOL, Henderson already learned the hardway and came back to Pierce and will be taking delivery of their 1st Velocity Ladder Tower soon
  6. Last I heard, peak hours cars #6040 6am to 6pm #6041 9am to 9pm #6042 12pm to 12am
  7. Care Flight just added a new EVAC in Gile Bend Care Flight 381
  8. Goodyear's ordering a new Platform and 3 new Smeal engines w/rearmount pump panels will be delivered in the spring
  9. LT's saves wear and tear on the Ladder, LT's run EMS, MVA etc.. calls in the Ladder Co.s first due and cost 1/2 of what a 1.3 to 1.5 Million Ladder Truck cost
  10. Like the Grey over Red, I believe their getting 2 new pumpers ? 1 going to Sun Lakes
  11. Engine likely going to 191's as well, Is Phoenix's Commander going to E58 ?
  12. Scottsdale New Ladder 611 is getting a new Velocity 107ft Ascendant Ladder & 2 Impel PUC engines, (rumored going to E610, E616) and will be delivered in March
  13. tks for info,
  14. new used Ladder ? .