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  1. Gilbert Fire Station # 9 (259) Ground Breaking November 7 at 10:00,
  2. All 3 stations are out for bids for architect design, Replacement Station 181 & New Station 186 (186's being paid for by Estrella Mountian Ranch Developers) should be completed in the next year, Station 18X (Citrus & Harrison Rd) is scheduled to break ground in 2019
  3. Fountain Hills has some proposed mid rises in downtown Fountain Hills
  4. Fountain Hills is getting Rosenbauer 101ft Tower stock/spec model and the old ALF ladder wil be donated to Port Aransas TX FD
  5. Are they going to use one their new Type III Horton's for LA271 ?
  6. Awesome, tks for the update
  7. tks for the update
  8. Station 181 was closed because it was in a hazardous area, Their building a new Station 181 on Van Buren near Litchfield and 2 more new stations are coming, Station 186 Estrella & Willis and Station 188 Citrus & Harrison
  9. Gilbert new Station #9 (259) design. Also Chandler new Station # 11 (2811) already has began and will be completed in April
  10. LT602 & LT608 lmpel PUC's specs have a automatic ladder rack and carry more ground ladders & carry a set of the spreader, cuter & rams
  11. tks for the info
  12. Did they break ground on Station 55 ?
  13. Also PCH is building a new 5 story 200 million stand alone Children's Hospital next Mercy Gilbert