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  1. I believe rear mounts because I'm pretty sure the Aerial has 3 sections
  2. Chandler ordered 2 Rosenbauer Commander 101ft Platforms for L289 & L2810 with add on for a 3rd Platform to be ordered in July when FY18/19 starts for L288 The Ladder sections & Buckets will be painted red to match the cab & body. Rosenbauer bid is $950,000 each, The Pierce bid was 1.4 million each
  3. tks for info
  4. I take it the old E842 is getting refurbished and will come back as E843 or E844
  5. Tks for the info , Any word on what kind of Ladder their getting ? Currently they have 3 pumpers on order 1 Spartan/ERV, 2 Rosenbauer Commander's & a Rosenbauer Commander Utility
  6. Is 2810 going to be running as L2810 using the spare 75ft ladder ?
  7. Isn't T842 at 843's ? Their was some diging going on behind the Station 844 sign on Ironwood
  8. Last I heard, looking at leasing to own a bunch of Velocity or Impel PUC's 10 to 20 a Velocity rear mount tower or 2, likely for 9 & 12 a Velocity mid mount tower or 2
  9. L602 is getting a Velocity same specs at L608 and new S610 is in the works
  10. tks for info
  11. Heard E855 on the air going up to fill E821 Quarters
  12. If & when Queen Creek Annex's more of Santan Valley that Queen Creek has land rights to. Station 417 would be built around Ironwood Rd between the SR24 & Ocotillo Rd area. Also a huge development is going in from Gary Rd to Signal Butte Rd and from Empire Rd to Riggs Rd with 1,000's of new homes called Harvest at Queen Creek Station 414 will be going in on Riggs Rd just east of Signal Butte Rd and Station 416 is planned in the Box Canyon developmemt near Sossaman Rd & Skyline Rd allignment,
  13. Queen Creek approved annexing Ironwood Crossing in San Tan Valley (Meridian to Ironwood & Germann to Ocotillo) and takes over on April 9, Fire Station 5 (415) will be built on Queen Creek Rd near Signal Butte Rd and be operational in about a year to a 1 & 1/2 years are just opened a Recruitment class
  14. U859 was also part of the asignmemt, Their was a LT in the assignment, just didn't hear the # completely clear I Didn't expect hear a LT to be dispatched
  15. I heard radio traffic for a Stucture Fire asignmemt in the East County. E857, E859, E844, a LT? , R859, BC840 sounded like LT855 ?