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  1. I wonder if it will be at FDIC?
  2. http://abc7.com/news/lasd-halts-project-to-replace-decals-on-patrol-cars-amid-cost-questions/2060055/
  3. From LAFD's Facebook page:
  4. Interesting. AMR just started brand-new "from scratch" service here in the Metro NY area this week. They already have operations in Upstate NY, but those were former Rural/Metro operations that they acquired when they bought them out. AMR has pulled out of the Metro NY area twice in the past several years.....they came in, like they always do, assuming they can gobble up all the smaller companies and competition, and in turn get the contracts, but it didn't work out for them. It will be very interesting to see how this works out if Envision decides to sell the operation.
  5. If you've been waiting for your membership on EMTBravoWest.com to be activated, it has been activated just now. I apologize for the significant delay, for some reason some emails were flagged as possible spam and were put in a separate box which I wasn't aware existed until now. We hope you understand, and we look forward to seeing your posts on the site. Seth G. Founder & Community Manager, EMTBravoWest.com Please let us know if you're having any difficulty with the site by emailing seth@emtbravo.com
  6. Question....where do they outfit these cars? I remember seeing a TV show or magazine article awhile back that it was done at an official CHP location where they had an "assembly line" process, and a lot of the brackets and wiring harnesses the make themselves.
  7. Nice find! I wonder why the ladder is set back like that? I'm wondering if it's a 75' placed on a chassis designed for a 100', maybe for weight reasons?
  8. With this new rig, the former one is now a fully equipped spare that can be placed into service as needed, given they have a trained A/O and firefighter to do so. I believe it was supposed to be kept at Station 88. The fate of the former unequipped spare is unknown to me.
  9. Wouldn't the traffic in the downtown area be a hinderance?
  10. Well, it's official now. A lot of guys assigned to the unit are not too happy about this.
  11. Reading through Chuck Madderom's book, "Los Angeles City Fire Apparatus 1953-1999 Photo Archive", this isn't unprecedented. There were several apparatus orders over time that not accepted, modified, and/or were returned for a multitude of reasons. As has been noted earlier in this thread....... LAFD must have sent their apparatus committee to Wisconsin several times for inspection, especially with an order this large. I believe the grey aerial was the "prototype", and most likely was looked over with a microscope. And I know the cabs go through a torrent of water to simulate rain and make sure there are no leaks at the factory. Also, the Arrow XT was specifically designed for the LAFD Engine contract several years ago. One item also should be noted, that despite different chassis and body manufacturers, LAFD has used the LTI Ladder for decades, and before that Seagraves. They also returned several 19972 Thibault Ladder trucks due to mechanical problems with the ladder, and had them replaced with Seagrave ladders. And the ALF LTI Aerials seem to sit lower in front of the tillerman, where the Pierce sits very high, leading to a more obstructed view. The turntables, as far as I can see, are different on the ALF and Pierces. Something is not right here, you have a few million dollars worth of apparatus just sitting at the dealer when they should have been delivered months ago. Part of me wonders if it is something simple because LAFD wants them delivered all at once due to possible space or logistical issues, such as training (I know, a longshot with that reason). Maybe awaiting parts. Another aspect is that LAFD is withholding payment to Pierce until these items are resolved. It could quite possibly be both sides pointing the finger at each other as to who's problem is, or just waiting for the implementation off thee fix. I'm really looking forward to ending the speculation and hearing what is really up with this, and the disposition of these trucks.
  12. Thanks. I was told that the one in the back was going to Hazmat 150, and the one pictured is still being decided.
  13. Los Angeles County FD had this 2017 KME Tractor sitting at the shops, awaiting mating with a USAR Trailer.
  14. They do. I will get you the information. I heard that as well. It is because a Chief at Headquarters want it. No one else does, logistically it's a horrible location.
  15. Last week, I had the opportunity to check out the new LAFD Heavy Rescue 56. What an impressive rig!! 2016 Peterbilt 567 with a Century 50 Ton Rotator (can be remote controlled) and body, 10KW generator, and air compressor syste,m, amongst many other customizations. This rig replaces a similar rig, a 2003 Peterbilt/Century, which will become a fully equipped spare. The spare is replacing the former spare, which will be kept in the USAR caches. Thanks again to the crew at Station 56 and the HR56 guys!