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  1. Heaven't heard anything about Native 1 but rumor was LifeNet1 was shutting down (this was pre-the news of the hospital). LN1 was/is Gila River's preferred air ambulance service and they've been grounding alot more of their patients to Chandler now that they're Level 1. Also, AMR's air ambulance division is looking at establishing a base in Coolidge. As most know, AirEvac is AMR's preferred air ambulance and that could change if/when AMR's division comes into play. That'll really put AirEvac 6, 8, 9 at risk for scene calls in the county.
  2. Looks like they're getting rid of both RH202 & SS208 for this new Air/Light/Rehab vehicle. As well as an '2002 Ladder & the old CV201 to help offset the cost of this $500,000 vehicle.
  3. Heavy ladder presence in east mesa. If the stars aline, a full 3-1 response could be 3 ladders and an engine. (Though I'm not sure if Mesa's CAD requires Engine Types vs Engine Capabilities).
  4. If you go onto instagram and search #laddertender several should come up. Lots of different setups with the different cities out here.
  5. To replace SS208 or RH202? Any idea what they’re building?
  6. This will be back up to F609 and a dedicated reserve for when E609 is down for maintenance.
  7. I can't find the info for S197 on Rosenbauer's website, do you have the Job/Build number?
  8. Yup, T842 is parked at 843 while E844 is in the bay with E842. As of late, FS841: E841, AMR597 FS842: E842, E844, AMR598, BC840 FS843: E843, T842, AMR596
  9. Nah, I don't have any info on it other than its an available resource on the state roster. Pretty sweet rig through.
  10. Central Arizona Wildland Response Team (CAWRT) held their annual re-certification drill over the weekend in the Lower Salt River area of the Tonto National Forest. Here are some of the Type 6 & a few Type 3 engines that were present on day 2.
  11. Rural Metro had, what looked to be, 2 new tenders parked outside of their fleet. They were facing away from me. Body looked like TruckWorks (or similar). They were yellow w/ typical blue striping. I wonder if T825 & T842 are being replaced. The dodge ram type 6 looked to have gotten a facelift as well. I believe she was the old BR857 at one point. Another type 6 was also in the lot.
  12. The FD complied with the no single source clause, so now we can go back to being consistent.