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  1. Mesa Fire is using this reserve quantum until a truck is purchased/built for TRV203.
  2. That was support 8 and it’s been replaced with a bread truck that engine 8 takes. Squad 8 has new spartan gladiator chassis with their American Lagrange body remounted.
  3. R19- 0900-1900 R29- 2000-0600 I think F1 - 2 person, F2 - 2 person, and F3 - 3 person.
  4. SQ19 is 4-door Chevy chasis with utility body for EMS / incidents in parking garage The crew can then take the Attack Truck for ARFF incidents. 2 trucks, 1 crew.
  5. Glendale just did... similar color:)
  6. https://instagram.com/p/BldrHY5HGmL/
  7. Yup, Deputy 603 is at FS613. Along with E613, S613, & T613.
  8. Native 1 is at Williams Gateway but sleeping at hotel around the corner. LifeNet1 isn't expected to stay operational if Florence Hospital at Anthem remains closed.
  9. Gila Bend voted to accept a donation of a fire engine from El Mirage. Fry Fire District will handling the EMS billing for Gila Bend EMS. Mainstay Solutions, LLC to provide EMS dispatching services for EMS for fiscal years 2019, 2020, & 2021. They're an IT firm, I hope this just means set up their dispatch system.
  10. They're also getting two new Demers Type-III Ambulances and surplussing their 1996 Ford E350 Ambulance.
  11. Heaven't heard anything about Native 1 but rumor was LifeNet1 was shutting down (this was pre-the news of the hospital). LN1 was/is Gila River's preferred air ambulance service and they've been grounding alot more of their patients to Chandler now that they're Level 1. Also, AMR's air ambulance division is looking at establishing a base in Coolidge. As most know, AirEvac is AMR's preferred air ambulance and that could change if/when AMR's division comes into play. That'll really put AirEvac 6, 8, 9 at risk for scene calls in the county.
  12. Looks like they're getting rid of both RH202 & SS208 for this new Air/Light/Rehab vehicle. As well as an '2002 Ladder & the old CV201 to help offset the cost of this $500,000 vehicle.
  13. Heavy ladder presence in east mesa. If the stars aline, a full 3-1 response could be 3 ladders and an engine. (Though I'm not sure if Mesa's CAD requires Engine Types vs Engine Capabilities).
  14. If you go onto instagram and search #laddertender several should come up. Lots of different setups with the different cities out here.