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  1. This is AMR2541 renumbered right?
  2. BLS rides w/ ALS gear allowing Scottsdale Medics to ride in without taking their ALS gear off of the engine/ladder and keeping their trucks in service longer.
  3. It’s a Yuma ship moved to gila bend.
  4. Yeah, new trend here in Arizona. Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority - Combined fire districts of Central Yavapai & Chino Valley (Dispatched by Prescott) Arizona Fire & Medical Authority - Combined fire districts of North County Fire District (+Wittman) & Sun Lakes Fire District (Dispatched by PFDRDC) Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority - Combined fire districts of Camp Verde & Montezuma Rimrock (Dispatched by Cottonwood)
  5. Gila Bend has their own CON (CON 78), Buckeye Valley's CON overlapped Gila Bend. Head Gila Bend will be putting their own rescue (back) in service. Only time will truly tell.
  6. That wasn't squad 8, it was support 8. Squad 8 has been remounted onto a 2015 Spartan Gladiator with its 2006 American LaFrance Body. Support 8 is now in a 2014 Freightliner Step Van. No more crane.
  7. L255 is actually being moved closer to (south) Chandler, from Power & Germann to Higley & Ocotillo. Still glad to see Chandler putting another ladder in service, they could use it for sure. https://www.gilbertaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=2316
  8. Town of Paradise Valley recently renewed their ambulance contact with Lifeline aka PMT. I wonder if that will change or if Lifeline will keep an ambulance for the town. As most know, they cover the town with their Scottsdale system ambulances.
  9. I don’t know. Has a lot of water compared to these PUCs. Maybe 826? 842? I’ll keep my ears open.
  10. 2008 Pierce ArrowXT from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue E857 is getting one too that just arrived at the shops. So far 3 of these have made it to Arizona. E841, E857, Yuma E1. Heard Rural Metro Knoxville have gotten 2 as well.
  11. Are the specs online somewhere? Curious if they'll differ from their interfacility rides.
  12. I wonder if those uniforms will stick..
  13. E859 with new graphics
  14. Ah ok. I understand now. Thanks.