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  1. Town of Paradise Valley recently renewed their ambulance contact with Lifeline aka PMT. I wonder if that will change or if Lifeline will keep an ambulance for the town. As most know, they cover the town with their Scottsdale system ambulances.
  2. I don’t know. Has a lot of water compared to these PUCs. Maybe 826? 842? I’ll keep my ears open.
  3. 2008 Pierce ArrowXT from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue E857 is getting one too that just arrived at the shops. So far 3 of these have made it to Arizona. E841, E857, Yuma E1. Heard Rural Metro Knoxville have gotten 2 as well.
  4. Are the specs online somewhere? Curious if they'll differ from their interfacility rides.
  5. I wonder if those uniforms will stick..
  6. E859 with new graphics
  7. Ah ok. I understand now. Thanks.
  8. Would 255 have 2 crews then or would they coman the Ladder with the new Engine?
  9. Few weeks ago Queen Creek was checking out a 101' Rosenbauer tower and earlier this week eone had their demo tower at Queen Creek too. Queen Creek is really growing at a fast rate. L255 is their closest ladder (which is getting old) followed by either L251 or L542. Wouldn't be a bad move to have a quint as their next purchase. Depending on how pierce's ascendant performs, seems like it would fit the bill. But, its not my money or decision..
  10. Fire Station 842 started in a double wide at Riggs & Hawes with Southwest Ambulance AP411. Rural Metro next moved 842 to the gravel pit at Ocotillo & Meridian, also in a single wide while AP411 moved into their current station in the QC Town Hall complex. Finally 842 moved to their new home at 36251 N Gantzel Rd in an empty office complex across from Banner Ironwood Hospital. I haven't been by in a few weeks, but FS842 housed E842, T842, TRV844, BC840, and AP598. The tanker, ambulance, and BC all parked outside. The station is leased. Station 844 has been talked about for several years now At one point, it was rumored to be somewhere near Hunt & Gary. I bet RM feels confident about staying in the area with all the failed Fire Department start-ups & incorporation talks. With the fire authority movement gaining popularity, it will be curious to see how this may or may not change STV & other Rural Metro Fire areas as a whole.
  11. There is a U251, CV251, RH251, & R251 all in service (besides the Engine, Ladder, and BC). Not sure what the RH is running out of. Pierce PUCs coming from Miami Dade. Unknown ETA to delivery. Haven't been by AMR Station 1 in awhile and not sure if RM set up a new fleet location somewhere.
  12. What is Gilbert running as their RH251 truck? It was requested tonight to Chandler's debris fire in the county island. Command asked for air conditioning. I thought RH264 was the only cooling bus...
  13. Gilbert Fire & Rescue held a ceremony to welcome their new Pierce Quantum. It was interesting that new the Pierce wasn't really set up at all. The old Pierce seemed empty. and the crew was in service running out of the reserve Pierce Kenworth. They had 3 Engine 256s at the station.
  14. A recent photo of MSU1 with Phoenix Fire graphics on the door.