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  3. tks for the info
  4. "ss" (service Squad?)
  5. FYI AMR/Rural metro/Southwest is all a part of Air Medical group Holding Corp They have 7 separate air medical outfits including GaurdianFlight and Reach When they bought AMR, they wanted to explore mixing air and ground synergies. Also AMR has their own fixed wing operation AMRAir. Watch for AMHG companies to move into Arizona and compete directly with Air Methods and AirEvac
  6. 1 PUC in works 1 Global Striker from airport funds And some staff cars Not a lot of money this year
  7. Last week
  8. Tks for update, Can you confirm ? PHX has 2 Impel/PUC's engines, Velocity rear mount Platform ,Oshkosh Striker & 3 LT's on order ?
  9. Ladder Tender 1 and 4 will be replaced with 2018/19 funding. Phoenix will have two test days in June with E-One apparatus to look at options. E925 Rosenbauer had wrong front suspension installed and is out having that replaced.
  10. City of Glendale rfp out for new ambulance provider.
  11. Heaven't heard anything about Native 1 but rumor was LifeNet1 was shutting down (this was pre-the news of the hospital). LN1 was/is Gila River's preferred air ambulance service and they've been grounding alot more of their patients to Chandler now that they're Level 1. Also, AMR's air ambulance division is looking at establishing a base in Coolidge. As most know, AirEvac is AMR's preferred air ambulance and that could change if/when AMR's division comes into play. That'll really put AirEvac 6, 8, 9 at risk for scene calls in the county.
  12. Gilbert Hospital & Florence Hospitals are closing Monday, Native 1 & Lifenet 1 will need to find new quarters, I assume NA1 will move to Mesa Gateway Airport or Mercy Gilbert and LN 1 will move to Florence Station 541, Banner Ironwood is going to get a lot more busy and will need to open the 4th & 5th floors Go figure Banner is building a new 4 floor hospital @ Loop 202 & Alma School in Chandler & another new hospital is coming. Gilbert General @ Val Vista & Pecos Also PCH is building a 5 story Children's Hospital next to Mercy Gilbert
  13. Tempe New SS274
  14. ...looks like it might be faster to just build that access ladder from cribbing than it does to actually deploy it. Hopefully they won’t be in any hurry to get up top...
  15. Saw new Engine 1 for Elko Fire Dept on the Pierce site. Looks nice.
  16. Saw new Engine 1 for Elko Fire Dept on the Pierce site. Looks nice.
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  18. I found this picture, but I'm not sure if it is actually in service at this time.
  19. This was just posted by evi on their Facebook page
  20. County has two that are 4 years old or so. Never been in service as one has a new tractor similar to the Haz Mat tractors.
  21. County has ordered new trailer from evi for one of their USAR taskforces
  22. What's her specs?
  23. Get rid of those white rims!Ugh!
  24. Oh ok thx
  25. It blew a motor during a wildland fire out of state it was on. It will never see service in Surprise again. Its gone.
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