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  2. Believe they will be built on the Commander's
  3. if I was going to guess, cost.
  4. What ever happened to chrome wheels?
  5. Tempe ordered a Rosenbauer Air/Light Unit for SS274 & Chandler added on 1 to the order for U283
  6. Drove bye 27's today. Old 88 is in the house.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Another new one for LAFD. s/n #60830.
  9. Truck now 95 in service who’s next ?
  10. I don’t think so. 88s is still in the old rig ( red lenses LED light bar ) this rig has a clear lense lightbar
  11. It;s a joint station build. Hermosa Beach and LaCo are building the station together. It was part of the take over.
  12. Crew's are doing this. The horrible black wheel look or the stock red wheels.
  13. Last week
  14. One was ordered. As stated above.. old 88 is now in service at 27's.
  15. It’s in service already and I believe 27 is in 88 old rig already.
  16. Does anyone have info on why they are removing the wheel covers, and going with the painted red wheels?
  17. Tempe starting a new ERV275 for the homeless camp along College Ave. Will be a 4x4 pick-up for access into the park and desert area. Will be a 6 month pilot. Unit will run with E275 on specific areas of location. Staff from E275 will operate the ERV.
  18. How many were ordered?
  19. Anyone know the status of this rig ?
  20. AMR 411 is now stationed at FS 411 E419@ Station 412
  21. The county won’t build 116s a new station but offered to replace Hermosa Beach old station which is now station 100 smh
  22. 116 needs a new station
  23. Awesome and I will be there.
  24. LA Co FD is hosting the Grand Opening of the Fire Museum on Saturday July 14, 2018 at 11am. 16400 Belflower Blvd. Bellflower, CA.
  25. I see, about time due to space, sq 116 is now running in sq 51 new gmc. Since 51 is a bit more room, did sq 51 get a crew cab? Or is sq 116 the 4th standand cab sq?
  26. Earlier
  27. AZ DHS has given the green-light to Maricopa Ambulance's 911 transport contract with Scottsdale. Operations begin at 12 a.m. this Saturday.
  28. Are there any plans of putting an 800 rescue in station 93 in Tarzana
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