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  2. I wonder how long or if LAFD and other SoCal departments will adapt some sort of red and blue light combo like FDNY did and Chicago.
  3. In a dramatic show of just how fractured the relationship is between the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and the San Diego Lifeguard Association, 76 of 102 permanent lifeguards voted to form their own department called the “Marine Safety Department,” and leave the Fire-Rescue Department. What would this do regarding, say, the Toyota arrangement? And overall, is it better for a lifeguard service to be attached to a fair department or does it depend? Anybody follow this situation closely?
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  5. The command lights look sharp
  6. Thanks for sharing.
  7. New Fire Station 145 opened today housing Engine, Hazmat, Brush, Tanker 145
  8. Cool video. Sure hope those flags on the BC Tahoe are not Oakland Raiders flags.
  9. That is one attention getting BC vehicle. Love those green IC lights too. Well done video. Enjoy! ~Rescue51
  10. Come February 16th Lifeline 607 will no doubt become an unprofitable ambulance for AMR.
  11. Town of Paradise Valley recently renewed their ambulance contact with Lifeline aka PMT. I wonder if that will change or if Lifeline will keep an ambulance for the town. As most know, they cover the town with their Scottsdale system ambulances.
  12. Ricardo, las vegas got rid of the TDA's , so they can get rid of of 6 a/o, enginers, cause that is how they manned the tiller.
  13. Council voted last night. Maricopa Ambulance gets green light to become Scottsdale's 911 ambulance service provider starting in Feb. 2018.
  14. This post stated refurbished paramedic rescue bodies which sounds more like a ambulance to me.
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  16. It would be nice, but the department is figuring a lot of things out when it comes to apparatus
  17. Maybe they should have gone with a TDA instead.
  18. I went by 26's the other day and they're still in their 2,000 American LaFrance.
  19. 26s is not in service yet
  20. At this time Truck 7 is in a pierce quantum quint, due to it being extremely slow going up hills for emergencies and constantly being out of service for electrical issues they are replacing it with this new Smeal, same features in regard to it being a quint since there is no longer an engine at 7. They went with a straight stick instead of a bucket due to it being a little bit less weight since the tank and pump take up a lot. Unknown where the current unit will go but we should see within the next month or so.
  21. Checked LVFR Facebook page and there is more pictures of this unit They describe it as a quint, but I thought that the present Tower 7 was a quint, maybe not The new unit is a quint so as to replace their former engine which is now at Station 107 in Sun City Summerlin
  22. The present unit is Tower 7, a 2012 Pierce Q Seems strange to switch it for an aerial at this location.
  23. Howdy all! Las Vegas Fire & Rescue has a New Smeal Quint for Truck 7 Looks really sharp.
  24. 26's in service? Who's next?
  25. I just saw Truck 69 at the Topanga Mall event they were in a 2006 American La France
  26. Saw this earlier on Flickr, what a beauty.
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