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  2. I would think that USAR 3 would get a new rig before 27s and 89s. But I can see 88s last 2 rigs going to 27s and 89s. I wonder is squad 21 will get a new rig next.
  3. I wish LAFD would have stayed with the grey ladder.
  4. Glad to see them getting some new rigs. They had a tiller at Sta. 5 back in 90s, but always seemed like an odd place for it (downtown makes sense), but I don't see the need for 2 TDA's. They got 4 more engines coming the beginning of next year.
  5. Per Modesto's Facebook page, they are taking delivery of two (2) TDA's and 1 new pumper. I did not know Modesto was that big to support 2 new trucks.
  6. Looks like they received three (3) of these pumpers.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I concur with that as the shop numbers are different. The one delivered last year was number 29279, and the most recent one has the number 31012. Also, the numbers directly above the cab doors are different. So this leads me to believe that they are two different rigs. Does this mean that the old USAR units (27 and 89) are being replaced with the 88's previous rigs?
  9. It is in Pierce's own Flickr account, so it is must be a new delivery.
  10. can anyone confirm this is a brand new rig and. It a pic the someone photo shopped. 88s current rig is only about a year old.
  11. Last week
  12. No this is a brand new Unit.
  13. They really sent it back to replace those parts? I figure that could been done at dealer in Ontario did they do anything else?
  14. Another new Pierce LAFD US&R 88. Lightbar and Rear View Mirrors now matches new Trucks and Engines from Pierce.
  15. Gilbert Fire Station # 9 (259) Ground Breaking November 7 at 10:00,
  16. All 3 stations are out for bids for architect design, Replacement Station 181 & New Station 186 (186's being paid for by Estrella Mountian Ranch Developers) should be completed in the next year, Station 18X (Citrus & Harrison Rd) is scheduled to break ground in 2019
  17. E859 with new graphics
  18. not really a clear pic but it shows dome of it, keep in mind there is a support unit that rolls with it which is a 4 man cab with a big utility body on it
  19. That is a interesting concept to use for user rig. I'm sure it was lot cheaper than getting one more traditional rigs. But how practical is it? Do you have any pictures inside the box see how it's set up.
  20. Its a Kenworth Crew Cab box truck
  21. What kind of USAR rig does Fullerton have?
  22. buckeye, you are correct orange city does have a type 3 but for some reason it does not always get assigned on out of county responses. every once in a while it does tho. with Anaheim having 4 type 3, brea having 2 and laguna having 2 they usually go 3 Anaheim 1 brea and 1 laguna beach. fullerton at one time had 2 type 3 rigs from ocfa but have got rid of them. I suspect since fullerton's usar is now a type 1 heavy rescue they are focusing more on that they seem to be getting quite a few runs on that unit now
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  24. Orange City has a Type 3. It's an old OCFA one. They were on scene of the neighborhood in Anaheim Hills that had lost homes.
  25. with Anaheim, brea and laguna beach fielding type 3 rigs they usually combine them to make the type 3 strike team and will use fullerton, huntington beach, Newport beach , orange city and costa mesa to make up the type 1 strike teams. fountain valley will usually supply the b.c
  26. It will be interesting to see what the make up of local government strike teams in the future with 9 local government departments remaining in the O.C.
  27. Fountain Hills has some proposed mid rises in downtown Fountain Hills
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