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  2. 2018-2019 new money available for 3 new engines, 3 Freightliner M2 chassis for Squad Tenders, 1 rescue, and staff vehicles
  3. Mesa Fire is using this reserve quantum until a truck is purchased/built for TRV203.
  4. Might as well
  5. No like a 35 Foot Extension Ladder
  6. Like a sky boom
  7. Engines now a days have room for everything, especially if you are running a rescue engine style. Some talk lately has been upping the ladder tender requirements to include a 35 foot ladder, this would be prohibitive on the smaller PHX style LT's (ie LT43)..
  8. Are far as I know E199s crew comans Fire Boat199 if it isnt staffed for weekend events. FB199 is docked in Lake Pleasant. TRT teams in Peoria are at Ladder 191 and Engine 197 I believe. Haz Mat is at E193.
  9. To bad they didn’t get something like lafd or lacofd has to replace it especially being a usar tack force speakiing O.F. does anyone have some pics of there rigs in the task force I think they have a few semi with pallet gear ready to be put on c17
  10. Yesterday
  11. Oh is this it does it also tow the rescue boat? For lake Pleasant or is the boat at a slip there
  12. Any word on the new trt truck? Why do they not have a dedicated crew on a heavy rescue?
  13. Wow do there running truck and engine stuff now if there putting all the truck stuff on the lt how do they fit the engine equipment and what side are the storage set up thanks for your knowledge I’m just interested
  14. Cool
  15. Ladder tenders were a Phoenix area idea and in some cases are not engines but "city service ladder trucks" all the tools of a ladder but not Aerial. They have taken several iterations due to the fact some departments want them as available as possible so as not to have to go back to the house to pick up the truck. Alot of them are medium duty trucks with all the toys a ladder truck carries. With ladder trucks running 1 million plus, depts want all the life they can get out of them. Also with all the medical runs, its hard to justify leaving a crew in the house when calls are backing up. To be fair, in some cases a ladder truck is added to the assignment if the ladder tender is out in the field, alldepends on the current SOG for deployment.
  16. L615 Pierce Velocity Ascendant has been finalized and one additional engine. Support 610 in works for a new heavy rescue style body with Impel cab. L602 recently wrapped to match fleet in white. Will get stripping soon. HM606 soon to follow. L611 and F6092 will be in service by end of month.
  17. No difference in hose btwn engine and ladder tender.
  18. So the engines don’t carry extrication equipment? What’s the hose difference carried between the lt and engine thx
  19. Last week
  20. That was support 8 and it’s been replaced with a bread truck that engine 8 takes. Squad 8 has new spartan gladiator chassis with their American Lagrange body remounted.
  21. Are they ever going to replace that tech rescue squad 8 with crane that was a pretty unique apparatus
  22. WT40 is the newer of the three, but all are almost identical.
  23. Hi, I noticed on PulsePoint today has three Water Tenders now, WT19, WT28 and WT40, does anyone know any info on WT40, is it a new unit
  24. ya it’s saw that but it didn’t really tell you what compartment and total length thanks though
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