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    The Torrance Fire Department has been approved to purchase three (3) 2018 Dodge RAM 4500 cab and chassis vehicles with refurbished paramedic rescue bodies from Phenix Enterprises in the amount of $421,899.12. They also were approved to purchase one (1) new 2018 Dodge RAM 4500 rescue vehicle as well. The new vehicles will replace one reserve (2000 Ford E-350) and three frontline rescue vehicles (2005 Ford E-450, 2005 Ford E-450, 2008 Ford E-450). The 2008 Ford rescue which has 66,693 miles is non-operational due to diesel engine damage. The new units will be unleaded gasoline vehicles. Apparently the ambulances that they purchased and were testing out were not favored and they are bringing back the squads.
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    In a dramatic show of just how fractured the relationship is between the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and the San Diego Lifeguard Association, 76 of 102 permanent lifeguards voted to form their own department called the “Marine Safety Department,” and leave the Fire-Rescue Department. https://ivn.us/2017/12/06/san-diego-lifeguards-vote-to-leave-fire-rescue-department/ What would this do regarding, say, the Toyota arrangement? And overall, is it better for a lifeguard service to be attached to a fair department or does it depend? Anybody follow this situation closely?
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    Their ALF is down for major engine repairs
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    This aerial truck company sponsored by Viagra. Rise to the occasion.
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    SMG just recently leased a piece of property at 723 E. Bradley where they plan to house E19 at a temporary station, i'm not sure when they will move to the new location but I would imagine some time soon, SMG has also come to an agreement with OES to take OES292 into their fleet.