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    So this is a 2 person unit assigned to a truck company to handle ems/ service calls?
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    WT40 is the newer of the three, but all are almost identical.
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    R19- 0900-1900 R29- 2000-0600 I think F1 - 2 person, F2 - 2 person, and F3 - 3 person.
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    Thanks 'mesabill'. I was not aware of that.
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    El Cajon FD ran 1960's ALF 85' mid mount aerial till late 80's was replaced by 95' Pierce tower
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    E19- 4 person ALS SQ19/AT19 4 person ALS R19- 2 person PLS I believe this is a peak time unit F1- 3 person F2- 1 person F3- 2 person Air Stair 19 and Medical Support Unit 19 are staffed by E19 when needed I believe. BC19- 2 person E29- 4 person ALS R29- 2 person PLS U29- 1 person
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    El Cajon ran a fleet of ALF engines (and maybe a truck?) when I was growing up there in the 80s. Just seeing an ALF in El Cajon brings back memories
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    Pasadena Fire Department recently ordered Seagraves as well as Burbank Fire Department.
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    Santa Fe Springs Truck 811 runs a Pierce platform.
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    I think a mixture of platforms and straight ladders is the way to go in San Diego. Platforms are safer for FF's at top, are better to affect raised rescues. TDA's are good for maneuverability as mentioned above. i believe the TDA's have more storage capacity great for storing all the rescue tools these days. The newer Pierce Ascendant might offer attractive possibilities/performance with its single rear axle and 107 foot ladder, or option of 110 foot platform. Though you lose storage space. Also, time will tell how the Ascendant holds up with miles/wear & tear due to the heavy weight on chassis, suspension, etc..