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  1. Those look clean.
  2. Should be in service mid-August
  3. Not surprised at all.
  4. Native toured FS215 today about possible quarters. Don’t see it happening but interesting.
  5. My guess is 9 will lose the ladder and it’ll end up at 17 or 19. 21’s first due has really tight streets. A ladder with no all-steer is trouble. “If I were the Chief” I’d move 19’s rig (which has extraction) to 17 which gives them the 60. Move L9 to 19. 221 will take almost 50% of 19’s calls so that’ll save the wear and tear on the ladder. See I fixed everything *Gold Star*
  6. I’m not holding my breath on it but they have specs at a station of a Quantum Ascendant 107’. Also Medic 2201 and 2202 are in service.
  7. It’s not out to bid yet. They in a preliminary design phase - determining if they want to keep the current design, modify, or develop a new one. 221 is dependent on the sale tax ballot in November.
  8. Grand Canyon West FD has a similar truck.
  9. FY18/19 budgeted for 4 engines and 1 ladder. Also looking into a possible TDA purchase/committee.
  10. SS208 has been OOS
  11. Just flip flopping info on 14 and 15. Then I’ve heard that those will come after they have a ladder in service.
  12. Where did you read/hear this? I live in Ironwood Crossings and have been getting conflicting info.
  13. Any info on 310 Dust Control’s wildland contract?
  14. Does Foontain Hills run an LT?
  15. Little league.