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  1. The command lights look sharp
  2. Thanks for sharing.
  3. They have 10 or 11 stations. I don’t think Modesto has had a new truck in +10 years.
  4. This is embarrassing. Next they’re going to putting ads on uniforms and turnouts. It’s little league sh!t. Theyre hoping for $250k which is next to nothing for their budget besides the fact it won’t offset anything. This is the result of poor management.
  5. 844 is going to be at Pima and Ironwood. A little late in the Annexation game but good for them.
  6. Bummer.
  7. Glad to see them getting some new rigs. They had a tiller at Sta. 5 back in 90s, but always seemed like an odd place for it (downtown makes sense), but I don't see the need for 2 TDA's. They got 4 more engines coming the beginning of next year.
  8. No, it's pretty rare for them to even be up. But the CM-Medical units have been transporting a bit.
  9. All 3 Mesa LA units are now operating out of their Rescues w/ SCBAs.
  10. Are all their new trucks going with the gray/red?
  11. I wonder what the cost was to rebrand to North County and now to AZFMA
  12. I was told it would be within a half mile of Ironwood and Ocotillo but I don't see a viable location.
  13. Glad they're getting new trucks... but they need a consistent color scheme.
  14. Not sure exactly how they're running it but in the Phoenix Metro area, all agencies are allocated numbers (Phoenix 1-99/900s, Mesa 200-229, Superstition 260's, Gilbert 250's, etc) which works great in our auto aid system. I go back to the Central Valley and see 3 "E1", L1 and T1 on a fire, seems like it would be confusing who's who.
  15. I think most will agree it's definitely not fiscally sounded. I don't know Sierra Vista's situation for ambo's. Broward County has their for if they can't launch a helo or additional ambo's to a certain area with multiple pts. Ok, that would be great but a what cost does that make sense?