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  1. Any info on 310 Dust Control’s wildland contract?
  2. Does Foontain Hills run an LT?
  3. Little league.
  4. Wow didn’t hear they were BLS rides.
  5. Nice, glad to see something other than white over red.
  6. Mesa currently has 2 rescues for when they’re on altered protocol. E217 is broken down to staff both rescues, 201/202. So I don’t believe R201 is going to be intended for civilian medic rides. Civilian rides are designated as Medic, firefighter staffed are designated as Rescue.
  7. The stick went into service along with new rigs for LA201 and LA205 yesterday. Also saw new BC209 truck at resource Mesa is going to have a 1 year pilot for 2 peak-hour civilian medic rides. Should be up in the next couple months.
  8. Their scramble is a little too... busy, I guess is the word I’ll go with. Are they still cross staffing the ladder?
  9. The black stripe looks to have become popular too
  10. The command lights look sharp
  11. Thanks for sharing.
  12. They have 10 or 11 stations. I don’t think Modesto has had a new truck in +10 years.
  13. This is embarrassing. Next they’re going to putting ads on uniforms and turnouts. It’s little league sh!t. Theyre hoping for $250k which is next to nothing for their budget besides the fact it won’t offset anything. This is the result of poor management.
  14. 844 is going to be at Pima and Ironwood. A little late in the Annexation game but good for them.
  15. Bummer.