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  1. My guess is 9 will lose the ladder and it’ll end up at 17 or 19. 21’s first due has really tight streets. A ladder with no all-steer is trouble. “If I were the Chief” I’d move 19’s rig (which has extraction) to 17 which gives them the 60. Move L9 to 19. 221 will take almost 50% of 19’s calls so that’ll save the wear and tear on the ladder. See I fixed everything *Gold Star*
  2. I’m not holding my breath on it but they have specs at a station of a Quantum Ascendant 107’. Also Medic 2201 and 2202 are in service.
  3. It’s not out to bid yet. They in a preliminary design phase - determining if they want to keep the current design, modify, or develop a new one. 221 is dependent on the sale tax ballot in November.
  4. Grand Canyon West FD has a similar truck.
  5. FY18/19 budgeted for 4 engines and 1 ladder. Also looking into a possible TDA purchase/committee.
  6. SS208 has been OOS
  7. Just flip flopping info on 14 and 15. Then I’ve heard that those will come after they have a ladder in service.
  8. Where did you read/hear this? I live in Ironwood Crossings and have been getting conflicting info.
  9. Any info on 310 Dust Control’s wildland contract?
  10. Does Foontain Hills run an LT?
  11. Little league.
  12. Wow didn’t hear they were BLS rides.
  13. Nice, glad to see something other than white over red.
  14. Mesa currently has 2 rescues for when they’re on altered protocol. E217 is broken down to staff both rescues, 201/202. So I don’t believe R201 is going to be intended for civilian medic rides. Civilian rides are designated as Medic, firefighter staffed are designated as Rescue.
  15. The stick went into service along with new rigs for LA201 and LA205 yesterday. Also saw new BC209 truck at resource Mesa is going to have a 1 year pilot for 2 peak-hour civilian medic rides. Should be up in the next couple months.