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  1. Are far as I know E199s crew comans Fire Boat199 if it isnt staffed for weekend events. FB199 is docked in Lake Pleasant. TRT teams in Peoria are at Ladder 191 and Engine 197 I believe. Haz Mat is at E193.
  2. Spartan chassis like the PHX squads? I'm curious to see what Tempe and Chandler do with theirs. I think Chandlers is in good shape as they barely run it.
  3. Yeah I wasnt quite sure on the foam staffing or the peak time rescue hours. Speaking of ARFF, I have wondered why there is no foam rig at Deer Valley. That airport seems quite busy.
  4. E19- 4 person ALS SQ19/AT19 4 person ALS R19- 2 person PLS I believe this is a peak time unit F1- 3 person F2- 1 person F3- 2 person Air Stair 19 and Medical Support Unit 19 are staffed by E19 when needed I believe. BC19- 2 person E29- 4 person ALS R29- 2 person PLS U29- 1 person
  5. The ALF is listed for sale on one of the fire truck sites, I think Brindlee Mountain.
  6. BVFD just purchased a second 2007 Pierce Enforcer from Firetrucks Unlimited (Odessa FD E2). The current plan is for this rig to become a reserve unit and the 2007 Pierce Enforcer currently assigned to E326 will be sent for full refurb at FTU, then back to E326. E321's 2006 HME is currently at FTU being refurbed and is slated to return to E321 when complete. The former Goodyear 1998 Pierce Saber is in service at E328. E328's former rig (2000 FL80/EOne) has been assigned as a reserve unit. The 1999 FL80/EOne pumper formerly assigned to E326 has been retired from service and is awaiting its fate.
  7. That's a nice rig, smaller version of what Glendale has?
  8. Right on, thanks. I had heard that this unit was supposed to become NDC but that was changed at the last minute due to PHX getting funding to place NDC back in service. Anyone confirm or deny?
  9. Isn't DC603 housed at 613 as well?
  10. I like 104s rigs
  11. What's her specs?
  12. Oh ok thx
  13. Any info on the old E304, was it disposed of?
  14. Noticed 304s rig has a different bumper, almost looks like one of the Cal Fire Spartans from the front
  15. The 2007 Enforcer has not been refurbished yet. If the truck works out it will be purchased and sent for refurb at Firetrucks Unlimited when Engine 321's 2006 HME/Ahrens-Fox rig returns toward the end of the year. At that time it will be repainted.