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  1. What's her specs?
  2. Oh ok thx
  3. Any info on the old E304, was it disposed of?
  4. Noticed 304s rig has a different bumper, almost looks like one of the Cal Fire Spartans from the front
  5. The 2007 Enforcer has not been refurbished yet. If the truck works out it will be purchased and sent for refurb at Firetrucks Unlimited when Engine 321's 2006 HME/Ahrens-Fox rig returns toward the end of the year. At that time it will be repainted.
  6. Also, Utility 324 had a modified rehabilitation by local shops and BVFD fleet. Unit is now constant staffed daily with one Engineer.
  7. Some new(ish) rigs at Buckeye Valley. 1998 Pierce Saber formerly of Goodyear and refurbed at Firetrucks Unlimited. 2007 Pierce Enforcer rental rig from Odessa FD, TX. 2017 Dodge Type 6 built by BVFD Fleet. A unique feature on this rig is the patient care area in the rear. Will be used to extricate patients from off road accidents or wilderness emergencies.
  8. The TRV is out of 837 during the PM and is doing some kind of proving ground standby during the day up by Wickenburg.
  9. That replaces the majority of the front line fleet minus the LT. They have been using E138 instead of L131 recently too. The 2 quantums going to reserve status then?