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  1. I saw someone posted about this. Here is a post on twitter I found just now
  2. From what I saw the other day Patrol 2 is covered do to the high heat in the county
  3. Is that the same with the cd30 unit to hold the call open too?
  4. So here is the picture of the questions I have.
  5. I was looking at it on Saturday and saw it back up and have a question on something. I will post a pic of it tommo but I saw a Interfacility Transfer with HTL2 and MH7 What is HTL2? As I am guessing that MH7 Is a medic Unit. Also in the same picture I see Medical aid with a CD30. Idea on the CD30?
  6. Do we know if these units are out yet. Also is there a list on line that show where all the units (Eng, Rescue, Water Tenders, Etc.......) are?
  7. The word I get was the truck and water units.
  8. There are a couple of new units on there way to the co. For some reason i can not post links sorry. I will start with Lathrop Manteca. On there facebook page they posted that there is a rescue just about ready to hit the street for them. It's unit id will be Rescue 30. French Camp is going to be take over service for Mount House in Sept. they are looking at a couple of units from back east. The city of Stockton has on order 1 tiller ladder truck, 1 Hazmat unit, and 3 type 1 engines. The engines and the truck are for sure going to be coming from Rosenbauer
  9. Yes there is some helpful info in there thank you. It will help out with what i am doing for a friend.
  10. I am working on a little project for a friend and need a little help. Can someone point me in the right place to get a updated list and air resource for central and southern California. What he is asking for the most is Name, locations, and if fire ems or law.
  11. I was thinking the same thing on the pickup at station 2. For the info I have hear the marriage has its ups and downs. The biggest question I have is cal ire hg and station 22 are like a mile apart how is that working out LoL
  12. Is this the same unit that was going to be water tender 28? I saw a picture of it on the brush fire in chula vista
  13. I do not know how else to post a picture
  14. it helps a lot but they look like ambulance with light tower on top lol
  15. What are they used for? They look like ambulances but on every picture I see of them there is a smaller blue ambulance in the area.