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  1. Saw new Engine 1 for Elko Fire Dept on the Pierce site. Looks nice.
  2. Saw new Engine 1 for Elko Fire Dept on the Pierce site. Looks nice.
  3. E124's is getting a engine huh? Looks like VFD may move the Truck to 121.(Stuphen Tower) (Truck and an a RA last I saw)
  4. Carlsbad (CA) Has 2 new Seagrave pumpers for Engine 102 & 103. Pretty Nice looking.
  5. Howdy folks! Barona Indian Reservation has a new Pierce Pumper for Engine 27. Looks real nice especially the RotoRay.
  6. Howdy folks! Oceanside has added another Pierce Quantum PUC Engine. As Engine 213
  7. Howdy folks! Vista has 3 new Pierce pumpers. Like the new black & gold trim. Here's a pic of new E122
  8. Any pics of SQ6? Im curious.
  9. Howdy all! Las Vegas Fire & Rescue has a New Smeal Quint for Truck 7 Looks really sharp.
  10. Howdy folks! Murrieta has 2 new Pierce Engines for E3 & E4. Nice looking rigs
  11. Saw the new rig on the Pierce site. Pretty nice looking.
  12. Did hear about the Spring Valley shooting on the news. (Man shot his girlfriend) Victim was taken to Scripps-Mercy (I thought Sharp was nearby than S/M unless she was airlifted) She will recover. Suspect arrested.
  13. Howdy folks! Ontario Fire has a new Tiller For Truck 138 Its a KME. Nice looking rig.
  14. Howdy all! HFD has 2 new Pierce Quantum Engines
  15. Howdy! SBCFD has 2 new TDA Quints from PIerce