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  1. Howdy folks! Murrieta has 2 new Pierce Engines for E3 & E4. Nice looking rigs
  2. Saw the new rig on the Pierce site. Pretty nice looking.
  3. Did hear about the Spring Valley shooting on the news. (Man shot his girlfriend) Victim was taken to Scripps-Mercy (I thought Sharp was nearby than S/M unless she was airlifted) She will recover. Suspect arrested.
  4. Howdy folks! Ontario Fire has a new Tiller For Truck 138 Its a KME. Nice looking rig.
  5. Howdy all! HFD has 2 new Pierce Quantum Engines
  6. Howdy! SBCFD has 2 new TDA Quints from PIerce
  7. Howdy folks! For those who live in the North San Diego County cities. (Musta started today) Theres a new renumbering system for all FD units. Today I saw Oceanside Engine 213 (Formerly E2113) And Rescue Ambulance 211 (Formerly Medic 2191) on a medical call Don't know why the change. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Another city in Orange County has a new engine in Laguna Beach Engine 1 From Pierce.
  9. Orange City Fire Dept has a new Pierce engine. After all these years of being all Seagrave they gone with Pierce. (Runor has it that they have a TDA on order as well)
  10. Wow what a Monster!-Johnny Gage Emergency! S3 Episode The Old Engine (Ward LaFrance E51 debuts) Miami-Dade's HR is Bigger than the LAFD & LA County's HR.
  11. I did hear SDFR getting new Brush Rigs. Any pics? Im curious. I did saw WT28 on the news dunno if its new.
  12. Thats some response. Im surprised USAR 41 Wasnt on the call as well besides 4s. Sad the construction worker died on the scene.
  13. Also on the Pierce Flickr site the department added another engine as well. (E6) I was curious about the Spartan/Saulsbury engines thanks fer the info. Those have been around fer very long time.
  14. GFD new look is nice.
  15. Howdy folks! SDFR added 3 more engines for 19, 12 & 29. Enjoy!