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  1. Cool video. Sure hope those flags on the BC Tahoe are not Oakland Raiders flags.
  2. That is one attention getting BC vehicle. Love those green IC lights too. Well done video. Enjoy! ~Rescue51
  3. I counted four new rigs: Engines-- E2/ E4/ E5/ E7. Nice rigs! I never knew Modesto was that big to get 4 new engines. ~Rescue51
  4. This could get slippery and spotty, I do not want to see a pumper with a big Trojan Condoms sign with flashing red and amber LED lights.
  5. I do not like this idea.
  6. @lkseng3-- Thanks for your post, if you look at the published date on the video, it says 11/15/17. The guy that runs that channel must have got that video up very late in the game. When San Miguel made the bulk order for the pumpers (E18/E19/E??) I believe it was still Smeal, I do not think Spartan had bought Smeal yet. I was not for sure if Spartan was going to run everything under the Spartan brand or another line too under Smeal. @619Emergencys-- Thanks for that update on a new location on 19's, that is good news. I thought moving them a big farther west would make sense. LKS Fire's 1's is now much closer to 19's, and 19's run volume geography is likely west of where they are now. They will be happy to get out of the back end of a grocery store (Vons).
  7. Interesting, the new Smeal (E19) still says 7219. The warning lighting is good, though not sure I care for the new lights (red) on front, next to traditional LED code lights that look like they are rotating (like the old beacons). Looks like a set is on the back of rig too, that are the high point red warning/code lights. They just don't look like they put as much light out, but perhaps you get good lateral lighting. I am curious if the flash pattern is all sequenced LED lights. Hopefully no moving parts. Sure wish 19's had got that new station over on Pepper Drive, that was going to be a converted house (but putting it too close to LKS new 1's). Really interesting at San Miguel station 16's, they are rolling with the old 19's Central States pumper from the 1990's. That is very interesting and it has updated lighting (LED) on it, I noticed which sort of tells me they are gonna run that for a while (I assume as a reserve rig). That engine has provided good service for some time now.
  8. Very tragic! Wish he could have got the help needed for whatever issues haunting him :o( . Station 20 is apparently the main Cal Fire (Monte Vista) station on Jamacha Road, Rancho San Diego. ~Rescue51
  9. Great looking rig! Very unusual to see West Coast equipment sporting the Roto Ray.
  10. Love the picture of the ambulance San Diego Union-Tribune used, talk about old school.
  11. Many departments are on tight budgets and this concept seems like a fair (though not optimum) type rig to solve the $$$ issues while still having the resources needed. Though, more departments 'COULD' save money long-term by stop running trucks/aerials on all the medical aid calls (especially BLS type level triaged runs). By buying a traditional walk-around/walk-in rescue rig whether light/medium or even heavy, such departments would be able to significantly reduce wear & tear, lower depreciation, reduce out-of-service periods, extend service life, and maintain better resale values...of the trucks, by not running them on so many MedAids. ~Rescue51
  12. In the Seagrave website, under recent deliveries, they feature this TDA delivered to the City of Pasadena.
  13. Always wonder why Los Angeles goes all amber on the upper rear warning (code) lights. A combo of red and amber upper is the best combination for visibility.
  14. Here's one of the new Pierce pumpers to join the Modesto fleet.