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  2. Ghetto.
  3. RIP!
  4. An outlier, a Southern California agency that still is ordering Seagraves.
  5. I think a mixture of platforms and straight ladders is the way to go in San Diego. Platforms are safer for FF's at top, are better to affect raised rescues. TDA's are good for maneuverability as mentioned above. i believe the TDA's have more storage capacity great for storing all the rescue tools these days. The newer Pierce Ascendant might offer attractive possibilities/performance with its single rear axle and 107 foot ladder, or option of 110 foot platform. Though you lose storage space. Also, time will tell how the Ascendant holds up with miles/wear & tear due to the heavy weight on chassis, suspension, etc..
  6. Thanks 'Firepost', good information. TDA's have an afterlife, turn them into a moving toolbox (heavy rescue and/or USAR). The Pierce in the pics, is actually a brand new built TDR (tractor drawn rescue) with a crane!
  7. Yes, I just posed in this fine forum a few weeks ago that I am surprised San Diego Fire-Rescue does not have in its fleet, at least a few aerial platforms. Many years ago, Santee Fire Dept., had a platform built on an E-One Hurricane. But now, that is dating me a bit. Today Santee is running a recently purchased Pierce TDA (beautiful rig). School bus colors out, traditional red back in.
  8. Yes, Heartland T11 (La Mesa) I saw performing aerial operations, and was the only "platform" I saw there.
  9. I guess E202s, the KME telesquirt will be back as frontline.
  10. It was E2, the Smeal-Spartan.
  11. Crap, fire today in 1300 hr at LKS fs 3's. KNSD-7 saying the fire truck burned and was total loss, estimated at $600,000. I saw a pic on their site and it said "2" so I wonder if that is their first Smeal (Spartan). wonder if it was in shops or station. SDSO. Bomb Arson is investigating.
  12. Wow, and a Roto-Ray too, in Southern Califronia. E27 from Barona is showing the say to the other casino FD's, not to mention all of San Diego. That also looks 4x4. Last I saw Barona had a front-line Ferrara, and a HME as a reserve.
  13. Yesterday at 68th and Amhurst, in the Rolando area of San Diego, two structures still in framing phase, went up in flames as a roofer's torch set off the fire. The roofer tried to put out the fire the manual method (no water, no extinguisher) but was not successful, having to jump from the second story to ground to escape the flames. A 3rd structure in framing stage, was saved by the firefighters.
  14. Nice looking rig!! Interesting that it is 4x4. Credit for text + photo to Heartland F&R's Facebook page. ~Rescue51 "New “Battalion 3” Placed in Service! Heartland Fire & Rescue recently placed a new Battalion Chief (Battalion 3) vehicle into service. This new vehicle is expected to serve as a front line vehicle for the next ten years, then to be placed in reserve status for the following five years. Our new Battalion 3 replaces a 2009 model that will now be placed in reserve. Here are some of the spec.’s of our new vehicle: • 2017 Ford F250 • Super Duty Cab • Gasoline powered • 4 wheel drive • On board winch • Equipped with the technology needed to efficiently command and control major emergency incidents • The vehicle was outfitted by AEP in Santee."