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  1. Per Modesto's Facebook page, they are taking delivery of two (2) TDA's and 1 new pumper. I did not know Modesto was that big to support 2 new trucks.
  2. Looks like they received three (3) of these pumpers.
  3. It is in Pierce's own Flickr account, so it is must be a new delivery.
  4. Thanks you guys for the correction (lkseng3). I did not proof my post and yes, B53 is Coronado, not National City. Yes, the fire chief was on-scene, so he must have been Fire One, sorry, I thought those designations might have been for the Harbor PD boats with fire suppression/fighting. I am not sure how those are for designations.
  5. San Diego Fire-Rescue's Light & Air 1 (LA1) was also on the assignment.
  6. About 09:29 hrs this morning, a research boat (news also calling it a fishing boat), fire and alarm went out of San Diego Fire & Rescue. Boat was reportedly docked at 750 North Harbor Drive, San Diego. Eventually this went to 3 alarms, with a very difficult fire to fight. An enormous amount of resources were at scene, I listed these at about 12:30: B1, B2, B3, B6, National City B53, National City B57, National City B57R, E1, E11, E14, E18, E20, E201, E21, E22, E26, E4, E5, E7, E8, T1, T11, T12, T14, T35, Medic 11, Medic 48, USAR4, HazMat1, Fire 1, Fire 2, PIO, Chula Vista E51, National City E31. Eventually command called for defensive ops and the fire was largely being fought by the fire boats (which I believe Fire 1 and Fire 2 are Harbor Police, and USCG also assisted). As of early evening, TV news was reporting 2 crew members who should have been on the boat, are unaccounted for thus far.
  7. On 20-SEPT, Heartland Battalion 3 (El Cajon FD) was responding 'code' to a working structure fire at 950 Gladys Street, El Cajon. At approximately 2300+ hrs when B3 was exiting eastbound Interstate 8 at Mollison Avenue, a collision occurred with another vehicle (not sure if at intersection or on off-ramp). No injuries were reported though both B3 and other vehicle needed to be towed away. I believe B2 or 4303 took command of the structure fire. Some other contributor to this blog site, recently reported there was a new rig on order or being built for B3.
  8. Yes 'vegasbuff', I think Cal Fire was buying mostly from HME.
  9. Does anyone know if Lakeside FD's Patrol-2 carries any extrication equipment on it?
  10. Was the type-3 the one at fs8's? Just for other information, noticed a T/C on Wildcat Canyon yesterday, and Lakeside dispatched their Patrol 2, in addition to Engine 2, and I believe E3, plus Barona sent E27.
  12. Always good when a dirt bag like that goes SIC. Let's hope they do not let him out anytime soon. Glad the girlfriend will recover.
  13. What makes me think this warfare between the two is gonna end ugly? Other than that, the article has some great information on the USAR team and CA.-Task Force 8. ~Rescue51
  14. Good. I was waiting for this day. Looks like they be covering El Cajon on some runs.