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  1. Just found out CareFlight has moved helos out of Yuma.
  2. "ss" (service Squad?)
  3. FYI AMR/Rural metro/Southwest is all a part of Air Medical group Holding Corp http://www.amgh.com/ They have 7 separate air medical outfits including GaurdianFlight and Reach When they bought AMR, they wanted to explore mixing air and ground synergies. Also AMR has their own fixed wing operation AMRAir. Watch for AMHG companies to move into Arizona and compete directly with Air Methods and AirEvac
  4. New tender delivered http://www.piercemfg.com/customers/new-deliveries/city-of-casa-grande-tanker-31371
  5. Wasn't San Gabriel part of LA County in the 60s and 70s?
  6. https://www.ferrarafire.com/trucks/6379/
  7. http://www.piercemfg.com/customers/new-deliveries/barona-fire-department-pumper-31119
  8. http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/37661155/a-strange-sight-honolulu-fire-truck-spotted-on-arizona-roadways Tiller being driven to the coast for shipping
  9. if I was going to guess, cost.
  10. Saw LVFR Engine 201 today at the Grocery.. Spoke to the engineer who told me that they have been in the shop more than on the street. Plenty of power compared to the Pierces, they like the set up but terrible electrical issues. Seem to like them, just wish they were not in the shop so much.
  11. Careflight used to have 2 helos in Yuma. However AeroMedivac (Air Medical resource Group) expanded and opened a base in Yuma with 2 ships, one the airport and one ant Yuma Regional Medical Center. FYi there was supposed to be a 3rd Careflight ship at YRMC but that must have fell thru. We only found out that Careflight reduced the birds when we called for one .
  12. Back When I got here 25 years ago, Gila Bend rescue was Volunteer and backed by Buckeye valley. Gila Bend may be getting their own CON. There was talk about paid Firefighters in Gila bend after the power plant was built.
  13. Yuma has rarely gotten phoenix rigs. Last word was one new Commercial Type 1 Pumper on Freightliner a year until all front line engines are replaced. At least the 4 busiest, 9 2, 10 and 5 , 10 was the first replaced. 6 and 11 get hand-me downs , no engine at 3, converted to dept shops.
  14. Is 55s going to be the most northern station in the city ?
  15. What will happen to ambulance service in Gila Bend, Back to the city, or to Rural /AMR?