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  1. I have seen Rescue 73 has been a reserve for the last few months what happened to there regular rig. It pretty much brad new.
  2. I've seen inside station 84 there's and ambulance that is AP84
  3. After all of new trucks go into service are there any plans to salvage the Simon Duplex's
  4. Are there 6 USAR stations that's how many are left to be assigned
  5. Its probably the reserve or older squads with red wheels
  6. Are there any plans of putting an 800 rescue in station 93 in Tarzana
  7. I just saw Truck 69 at the Topanga Mall event they were in a 2006 American La France
  8. I have noticed at station 93 that the equipment has been moved around and the ambulance is now parked outside in the yard and on left side of the garage is the truck in front and engine 293 in back of the truck engine 93 is on the right side and there still plenty of room for the ambulance to park in front of the engine why is the ambulance park outside?
  9. I have noticed that the car wash next to 9s has been closed for some time has the city considered purchasing some of that land to enlarge the station and/or the yard?
  10. When should T 73s ALF be back in service?
  11. I would tend to believe that first American La France's would be going into reserve they are 16 to 17 years old now
  12. Have any more of the new truck come to the shops or have been assigned and what companies?
  13. Some areas truck co. are needed where there are no others near by 38s the nearest truck at 85s miles away no others around 58s or 47s and the isn't any around 17s those 4 are the main ones and in industrialized areas truck co are needed
  14. What about any truck companies 58, 17, 47, 38
  15. Why aren't any of the truck's being restored?