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  1. Some areas truck co. are needed where there are no others near by 38s the nearest truck at 85s miles away no others around 58s or 47s and the isn't any around 17s those 4 are the main ones and in industrialized areas truck co are needed
  2. What about any truck companies 58, 17, 47, 38
  3. Why aren't any of the truck's being restored?
  4. There going faster than the TDAs
  5. What the latest on what happening with them have any come back from the factory?
  6. I wonder how long this contract with Pierce is or is it by order's or years? Maybe for the next bid they should consider going with a different company
  7. Will we see them on the streets of LA this year?
  8. where are the station numbers put on at South Coast or LAFD shops
  9. Is the City Short of funds
  10. The city of Hermosa Beach has only one fire station I think it would make great sense for the county to take over. There would be more recourse's that the city doesn't have. I believe the city of San Fernando some time during the 1980s closed down there fire department and have contracted LAFD with no fire stations in the city limits of San Fernando and it's covered LA city station's 75 in Mission Hill to the west, 91 in Sylmar to the north and 98 in Pacoima to the south.
  11. Can some pictures of it be posted
  12. Has Truck 11s gone to the station yet
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if Seagrave in the coming years go the way of the Do do like American La France
  14. Have any of the Pierce Trucks arrived at the shops?
  15. Where is the parking at station 112 and Station 49