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  1. How many were ordered?
  2. 116 needs a new station
  3. Awesome and I will be there.
  4. TDA's are the best.
  5. That is such a bad idea to get rid of the Engine at 127 and I thought that Chief Osby is trying to get rid of Quint only stations.
  6. Truck 26 is officially in their new Pierce Truck and I saw it in service at Station 26.
  7. Mechanical sirens are a San Francisco tradition as well as their white over the dark red.
  8. Fed Q2B mechanical sirens are the best and even LAFD has gone back to the Fed Q2B mechanical siren on all their rigs.
  9. San Diego seems to be the last metropolitan department on the West Coast that hasn't gone tillered and their trucks are all straight stick aerials just like many East Coast Departments.
  10. TDA's are much better overall.
  11. Rest in Peace brother
  12. Maybe they should have gone with a TDA instead.
  13. I went by 26's the other day and they're still in their 2,000 American LaFrance.