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  1. It will be interesting to see what the make up of local government strike teams in the future with 9 local government departments remaining in the O.C.
  2. I can't they believe that they cancelled the order for the 6 Type 3's.
  3. I am surprised that San Diego Fire Rescue doesn't have their own boats like Los Angeles Fire Department, Long Beach, LA County, and San Francisco Fire Department have.
  4. How many municipal fire departments will remain after Garden Grove becomes OCFA in Orange County?
  5. What happened and will the county still be ordering type 3's?
  6. Another question, could the relocation of the Water Tender be related to the new County Type 3's and is there a possibility that 73 is going to get one of the 6 type 3's?
  7. I thought that 156's has a brush patrol as well
  8. Excellent
  9. Who is in charge of the Fire Department now, the City of Scottsdale?
  10. Saw the new Truck 11 on a recent structure fire in 82's first-in district and it looks very sharp.
  11. I notice that the rigs don't have mechanical sirens on them and is Scottsdale still part of Rural Metro or is it a local government operated Fire Department?
  12. Awesome rig
  13. I heard that Truck 50 will be getting the ALF from 11's.
  14. I think this pic isn't recent because I saw a recent photo of a newly promoted Captain 2 assigned to Station 11 standing in front of the ALF Truck at 11.
  15. It will be interesting to see if the 4 engine companies that are set to reopen will be getting these new engines besides the other 4 engines that were reopened in the last few years.