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  1. Maybe they should have gone with a TDA instead.
  2. I went by 26's the other day and they're still in their 2,000 American LaFrance.
  3. Better yet build a brand new station 9.
  4. Any word on the LAFD type 3 and Iis it in service yet?
  5. I keep hearing that a new 95's is going to be built next to the airfield and maybe get crash rigs one day.
  6. Thanks and I am surprised that they don't have patrols because of their locations.
  7. Does 104 and 150 currently have brush patrols?
  8. I also believe that 95's is going to get one because of thier district which is LAX and I would be curios to see if 95's will be painted lime-green yellow one day due to the fact that they serve the airport.
  9. Maybe they will be kept as ready reserve rigs.
  10. Saw 26's new truck at the shops along with another of the new Pierce trucks.
  11. Awesome looking rig
  12. I also notice that most departments including Orange County don't have RA's that do the transporting and instead use private ambulances to transport the patients.
  13. Now we can have some ready reserve USAR'S that would definitely be useful when we have our big earthquake and when the Olympics come to LA in 2028.
  14. It will be interesting to see what the make up of local government strike teams in the future with 9 local government departments remaining in the O.C.
  15. I can't they believe that they cancelled the order for the 6 Type 3's.