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  1. The SDFR fireboats, operates by the Lifeguards and stationed at Quivira Point, are refered to as Marine 1 and 2. I’m not positive about the Harbor Police boats but I thought one came up on the air as “Marine 4” during this incident.
  2. True. Fire 3 is also an Assistant Chief. And B57R is simply added to send the call to the rear MDC in B57 vehicle. Not a real unit. Just a workaround.
  3. The type-3 contract was cancelled http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/bos/bc/1026654_BoardMemo-WesternTruckExchangeFleetProcurementStatus.July192017.pdf
  4. FOR22 is a Forester unit. I am fairly sure K97 is a Search and Rescue dog.
  5. T45 gets the 6th one. It is still being outfitted. Should be ready soon. All 6 aerials are 2017. The 95-97 Saulsbury service aerials will be gone very soon. Only 6 Salisbury engines remain in service. One reserve and 5 training engines. Those should all be replaced within the next couple months.
  6. Three new Pierce rear mount aerials have arrived at the shop for outfitting. Going to Trucks 14, 40, and 44. Trucks 11 and 21 have placed their new rigs in service over the last couple weeks.
  7. It is definitely a Pierce, probably an Arrow XT.
  8. It appears to be a Calfire Model-34, which OES buys, but is LAFD purchased/ owned. Not an OES rig.
  9. Both are going to Fontana. T71 and T77.
  10. Coronado is leasing one of the El Cajon Medic rigs temporarily until a new vehicle is delivered.
  11. No. That is the transport priority code.
  12. HTL2 is just a fictitious unit to prevent the call from closing when the last unit is cleared off. MH1,2,3, etc. is a fictitious unit ID that indicates an AMR medic unit is to respond. The abbreviation MH is a holdover from the old days when the ambulance service was provided by Hartson Ambulance. MH originally stood for "Medic Hartson".
  13. I'm not sure where you get your info but it is wrong...again.
  14. Not the best pic but all I have.