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  1. Vista moved the truck to Station 5 quite some time ago.
  2. Can you please back this statement up with some job related facts? Why are they the best? And why are they the best for every jurisdiction? Can you provide a list of advantages and disadvantages? I look forward to your thoughtful reply.
  3. Escondido, Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, and Federal Fire all utilize aerial platforms.
  4. Orange has ordered a second Pierce Arrow XT engine. Should be delivered sometime this year.
  5. San Diego utilizes a "boundary drop" type automatic aid agreement to dispatch the closest resources regardless of jurisdiction. As stated above there were many auto aid units on this incident based on its close proximity to the eastern edge of the City.
  6. Looks like Light Force 127 is now just Quint 127. Carson now has a Squad at Station 10. Ex Engine 127 is now running at the new Fire Station 100.
  7. That engine is a one of a kind 1996 Ford Cargo Model-11. Similar look to the Mack Model 9. The big giveaway is no crew cab. The entire 3 person crew sits in the front seat "Three Amigos" style. Was assigned to Tehama Glenn Unit. Sold in 2014.
  8. It is not their choice. They just expressed an opinion. Don't count on seeing this occur.
  9. The SDFR fireboats, operates by the Lifeguards and stationed at Quivira Point, are refered to as Marine 1 and 2. I’m not positive about the Harbor Police boats but I thought one came up on the air as “Marine 4” during this incident.
  10. True. Fire 3 is also an Assistant Chief. And B57R is simply added to send the call to the rear MDC in B57 vehicle. Not a real unit. Just a workaround.
  11. The type-3 contract was cancelled http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/bos/bc/1026654_BoardMemo-WesternTruckExchangeFleetProcurementStatus.July192017.pdf
  12. FOR22 is a Forester unit. I am fairly sure K97 is a Search and Rescue dog.
  13. T45 gets the 6th one. It is still being outfitted. Should be ready soon. All 6 aerials are 2017. The 95-97 Saulsbury service aerials will be gone very soon. Only 6 Salisbury engines remain in service. One reserve and 5 training engines. Those should all be replaced within the next couple months.
  14. Three new Pierce rear mount aerials have arrived at the shop for outfitting. Going to Trucks 14, 40, and 44. Trucks 11 and 21 have placed their new rigs in service over the last couple weeks.
  15. It is definitely a Pierce, probably an Arrow XT.