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  1. Tempe will start their Low Acuity program on Monday, Oct 9th. LA271 will operate from FS271.
  2. R21 and R34
  3. R22 R26 waiting to see other two
  4. E182 returning to FS182 E185 will now be hazmat HM184 becoming HM185 E184 no longer hazmat at FS184
  5. 1 of 5 new delivered
  6. The two new mid mount tower ladders have been delivered to the shops for upfitting, graphics, radios, mct install.
  7. All their apparatus are Rosenbauers, after a failure in some pumps few years ago, plant bought all those rigs at once. 3 engines, ladder, and foam unit. The units serve as a third or fourth back up system to keep rods cool if needed. Pretty amazing place to see it work.
  8. New Brush 104 built mostlyin house. New color scheme as well.
  9. Not yet. Trailer to go on property soon
  10. Phoenix is getting ready to start process for a new fire station near I17/Jomax. Fire Station 55. While construction happens, Engine 55 will run in the area 0900-2100 from a hotel room in the area. Engine 55 will be parked off hours at Station 56 out of service. Members will report to Station 56 to pick up Engine 55.
  11. Transport engine