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  1. Rosenbauer from what I hear
  2. Negative. A new ladder is being purchased. Will still only run two truck companies.
  3. Engine 2811 goes in service April 8th from FS2810 until FS2811 is built.
  4. "Laveen" money bought it, but not dedicated for Laveen. E925 will get more use of it to compare to Pierce. Plus E58 is brand new.
  5. E304 and E306 just finished up final inspections on Spartan / SVI engines similiar to the other 3 engines they have
  6. Both are at Williams for repairs
  7. E610 and Foam 6092 had final inspection this past week. L611 and E613 are close to final production.
  8. Day time unit with Captain, Engineer, and probies. Covers while other day units are at college for live burns.
  9. Thank you!
  10. Pump size, tank size, foam tank size?
  11. Encampment Response Vehicle