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  1. New Fire Station 145 opened today housing Engine, Hazmat, Brush, Tanker 145
  2. Rosenbauer Engine final was in October. Many red flags being reported. L24 L33 training to happen in December and in service shortly after. E13 will be getting a new Pierce Velocity. New spec forPhoenix. New type 2 ambo for special events off grant and 4 person gator.
  3. Tucson new Ascendant and engines have arrived in the valley and at Hughes
  4. That was there on loan just for the Super Bowl traffic
  5. 2003 E-One reserve AT19 is being replaced with Striker Global. Aviation and FD will work on replacing AT19 with a spec'd ARFF unit and not a hand down from Foam units. Department working to keep an ARFF unit at Deer Valley Airport and cross train FS36 personnal.
  6. E857 arrived in valley
  7. Global striker, rear mount tower for 12, 3 LTs for 33 43 50, then two of those to 1 and 4, 4 engines, 5 more ambos is last rumors heard
  8. L33 and L24 still getting upfitting, got quick shot today
  9. Brush 371 - 2018 Ford F550 with Rosenbauer body from previous brush truck
  10. 2001 Pierce Quantum refurb is switching to white over red apparatus