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  1. 1 PUC in works 1 Global Striker from airport funds And some staff cars Not a lot of money this year
  2. Ladder Tender 1 and 4 will be replaced with 2018/19 funding. Phoenix will have two test days in June with E-One apparatus to look at options. E925 Rosenbauer had wrong front suspension installed and is out having that replaced.
  3. City of Glendale rfp out for new ambulance provider.
  4. E503 new Pierce Quantum had body mounted to chassis this past week. Coming a long nicely from pics.
  5. http://www.fhtimes.com/news/local_news/fire-station-taking-form/article_aecd193e-5885-11e8-bad3-7f319974491c.html
  6. Rosenbauer from what I hear
  7. Negative. A new ladder is being purchased. Will still only run two truck companies.
  8. Engine 2811 goes in service April 8th from FS2810 until FS2811 is built.