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  1. 2018-2019 new money available for 3 new engines, 3 Freightliner M2 chassis for Squad Tenders, 1 rescue, and staff vehicles
  2. L615 Pierce Velocity Ascendant has been finalized and one additional engine. Support 610 in works for a new heavy rescue style body with Impel cab. L602 recently wrapped to match fleet in white. Will get stripping soon. HM606 soon to follow. L611 and F6092 will be in service by end of month.
  3. No difference in hose btwn engine and ladder tender.
  4. SQ159 is out of service for about 4 months while they rechassis the box. They are running an old engine as a Support Unit.
  5. Congratulations to Timber Mesa Fire & Medical on taking delivery of their new Rosenbauer FX walk-around rescue. The unit will be used an air resource unit for the department with an 8-bottle cascade system, Haskell Booster pump and an Eagle Air dual bottle sidewinder fill station. Rosenbauer job #42366 – If you are interested in information on this unit please emails us at chorne@wsfireequip.com
  6. All comes down to money.
  7. L602 was recently sent for a white wrap. It will have reflective striping added soon HM606 will go for a wrap next.
  8. BR615 -> BR613 (then vehicle swaps BR613 -> BR611, BR611 -> BR613) T614 -> T615 S613 -> S614
  9. BR307 has become BR304 at FS304
  10. Crown King is ordering a type 3 engine. Freightliner M2 cab with Custom Cab & Body Co, 750gpm, 750gwt, 30gft. Sold by AZ Fire Apparatus, delivery February 2019 expected.
  11. The KMEs were nothing but problems since KME took in FDNY. Smeal was low bid.