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  1. Tempe starting a new ERV275 for the homeless camp along College Ave. Will be a 4x4 pick-up for access into the park and desert area. Will be a 6 month pilot. Unit will run with E275 on specific areas of location. Staff from E275 will operate the ERV.
  2. Their dedicated was getting work done at Williams.
  3. Because the refurb is not ready yet to go in service. Their dedicated E131 is almost ready from body shop after accident. The Lance is in for motor work. The other Quantum needs repairs.
  4. They will not be at fire stations, as of right now, they have one station, the rest are posting locations on corners. There also is no paramedics on the ambos, double emts.
  5. Ladder Tender 102 new Spartan cab with refurbished SVI body from previous LT102. This is in the department's new color scheme.
  6. If both companies are on other calls, that is what the automatic aid system is for. I agree, should be independent companies but when it comes down to budget, this actually works. Same as Buckeye or Avondale staffing a ladder and engine with same manpower.
  7. Why not? Gives them "two" ladder companies. The way the dispatch is built for a 3-1, it ensures a Ladder or Tender on all calls in Daisy.
  8. Changes for Daisy Mountain: Hazmat 145 will become Hazmat 141 Ladder 142 will become Ladder 145 co-manned with Engine 145 Ladder Tender 142 will be co-manned with Engine 142
  9. Affirm