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  1. Any timeline for any new trucks going into service?
  2. Word on the street is 12 more got ordered... any news on delivery dates or possible modifications from the first batch?
  3. Supposedly some new lightweight style from Honeywell.
  4. Any news on the new LAFD turnouts and when they’ll be implemented.
  5. Who is receiving their pierce next?
  6. Nice, any info on a delivery date or new features? Will they be a compact model like their new engines?
  7. Now that 89’s has picked up their rig... who’s next?
  8. Any news on when it will be operational again?
  9. Any word on how 87’s is doing? Where will these additional rigs be assigned to?
  10. Interesting, are they building TDAs? I'm not aware farrara made tillers. Or are they going with a new model?
  11. Who's next to get the new rigs? Did they resolve the suspension issue?
  12. I heard 2 things through the grapevine recently... 1) New T26 is in service 2) There's a New problem with the remaining trucks, something about the tiller suspension? Can anyone confirm or deny?
  13. Looks likeminded they may have done away with the remote controlled wagon battery?
  14. 2 more engines were completed by pierce. Saw on their flikr.
  15. 26's in service? Who's next?