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  1. Any other engines being built currently?
  2. I saw that Ferrara has delivered a number of new, smaller engines to SFFD. Any news to who will be building their next trucks or estimated delivery dates?
  3. Is 26's in service yet? Any word on who's up next?
  4. Any insight to where the first engines will be going?
  5. Any insight on how new T 11 is holding up? When/where is the next pierce going into service?
  6. I heard 9's will be getting a pierce truck now. other than 11's, do we know where the other trucks will be assigned to?
  7. Any news regarding in service dates or assignments?
  8. Additionally, I heard 26's is getting the 7th truck.
  9. I saw the 7th TDA was delivered last week. Is it going to be the first in service? Where is it and the other pierce trucks going to be assigned? What is the trickle down of old rigs going to look like?
  10. Any new bids going out/awarded for new trucks, engines, specialty apparatus?
  11. Any new info on in service dates? Assignments other than 11's for the first truck?
  12. What assignments will the trucks be going to? What will the trickle down look like?
  13. I hear there are a total of 4 rigs completed and at Ontario. Have their assignments been determined yet?
  14. I've heard pierce won the engine bid. Any info on a timeline for when the rigs will start production?
  15. Any news with the new trucks? In service dates?