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  1. E9 was crashed into while on a incident. Hard to tell how much damage was done.
  2. Unknown report say it sustained substantial damage
  3. I believe that is unit is advanced practitioner unit trial unit where nurse is stationed in unit deal with chronic callers.
  4. Video of Truck 95 in new pierce
  5. What ever happened to chrome wheels?
  6. It’s in service already and I believe 27 is in 88 old rig already.
  7. Is squad zilla still running?
  8. Isn’t 9s truck a newer truck?
  9. 50's should be in 11's old truck.
  10. I believe they are already ready reserve rigs, I don't think of any frontline. I think 50's had last font line. Doesnt make sense to just give rest to USAR task forces. Doesn't go with their replacement schedule
  11. Sweet looking rig I was just about to say same thing very unusual to see a rotoray on west coast more east coast thing
  12. Nice looking rig
  13. Posted from
  14. They really sent it back to replace those parts? I figure that could been done at dealer in Ontario did they do anything else?
  15. That is a interesting concept to use for user rig. I'm sure it was lot cheaper than getting one more traditional rigs. But how practical is it? Do you have any pictures inside the box see how it's set up.