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  1. This was just posted by evi on their Facebook page
  2. County has ordered new trailer from evi for one of their USAR taskforces
  3. What the specs on it
  4. Wow that pretty fast replacement for the OES type 3 didn’t they just get them not to long ago?
  5. Any info on where this rig went?
  6. Nice rig
  7. Seems country has order new heavy rescue rotator. They give some teasers pics but not much more any one have any info?
  8. E9 was crashed into while on a incident. Hard to tell how much damage was done.
  9. Unknown report say it sustained substantial damage
  10. I believe that is unit is advanced practitioner unit trial unit where nurse is stationed in unit deal with chronic callers.
  11. Video of Truck 95 in new pierce
  12. What ever happened to chrome wheels?
  13. It’s in service already and I believe 27 is in 88 old rig already.
  14. Is squad zilla still running?
  15. Isn’t 9s truck a newer truck?