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  1. BR46 belongs to San Miguel. Since BR14 is out of the county, they are utilizing a reserve Brush out of 14's. San Miguel's Ferrara Rescue (Old R18) is lettered as R46 and the E-One Rescue/Light and Air is now LA46. The reason why they went with 46, is because it can be housed at any station in the district without changing the numbering. And if you know the Central Zone's numbering, 46 belongs to San Miguel.
  2. It has one. Screaming Eagle is flush mounted in the bumper between the LED's.
  3. That video was recorded in April of 2017. It says so in the description. The new rigs are Spartans, Spartan Motors bought Smeal awhile ago.
  4. B53 is Coronado's Battalion Chief. Fire 1 and Fire 2 I believe is SDFD's Fire Chief and Assistant Chief. Unless something changed, that's what I knew them as.
  5. Yes. E19 and E18 as of tomorrow at 0800.
  6. The new Engine is not a Rescue-Engine. And T4 is being built now. It's expected to be delivered this year if not early next.
  7. Santee's Chief wanted to see red. And red was supposedly cheaper than yellow paint. They will not paint the current yellow apparatus; they will retire out staying yellow. I heard this Engine purchase was because they were going to build a third station. Probably not put this Engine there, but rather 4's current rig so Station 4 will become all red (with the new truck and moving the brush to the new station). Sad to see the yellow buses go.
  8. Looks like Santee did decide to go red. Here's the link for their new engine. Be on the look out for their new truck in the next few months.
  9. I have not heard of this happening. Seems like a good operational plan, but good luck trying to get agencies to turn over their station numbering who have had the same numbers for decades. It has a purpose, but is not worth the finances that will go into changing everything. Nothing is wrong with the current system because if there are duplicates, those duplicate units state what city/operational zone they are from when getting a hold of dispatch. For example when HRT E10 runs into San Diego, they come up on the radio stating "Metro, Heartland E10". Same with SND E10 running into Heartland "Heartland, San Diego E10". When San Miguel goes back, word is they will run using their old numbers. And what may have caused the idea of new numbering, was the County is currently undergoing a numbering change with their stations and apparatus to go to two-digit. Nothing will change for Cal Fire stations.
  10. T36 is the new truck running out of Jamul. It was bought for the new casino going in across the street. The County is converting to the 2-digit identifiers for all of County apparatus. Cal Fire will remain 4 digit.
  11. Maybe with AMR now in El Cajon, maybe we will see a triage system put into place through Heartland because AMR units will come cover El Cajon when those AMR units aren't available. El Cajon used to downgrade calls only when the Medic unit felt like they could handle it alone. I believe there is still an agreement with Santee, El Cajon, and Lakeside to still use the closest Medic unit. Because it would not make sense to wait for an AMR unit to come from Chula Vista to El Cajon for a transport when the CSA Medics are available.
  12. Here's a link with a little more insight. M438 appears to be the 12 hour medic running in El Cajon right now. Has anybody seen an official statement from Heartland or the City of El Cajon explaining what the plan is for the future? I know what the UT article said, but was wondering if there has been any updates.
  13. I'm kinda surprised why E206 isn't in service. El Cajon has plenty of Reserve Engines available at 9's the last time I was there. I know they have been running with the Brush out of 8's but haven't heard the reason. Figured it was because E206 was out of service. 619Emergencys I think you mean San Miguel E7611 from Mt. Helix that is responding into El Cajon. I have heard them running into El Cajon a little bit more. And I second the talk about the care facilities. Those facilities are care facilities so you would think that the people who reside there would be receiving CARE. But that's not the case. And I do believe that there should be BLS rigs there that would transport those patients to the hospital given that there is not a need for ALS. AMR M436 has 2 medics. All AMR Medic rigs have 2 medics on board.
  14. AMR M436 is dispatched by Heartland. AMR supplies the rig and the personnel that staff it. And you are correct it does run out of Station 6. I believe that call it was on, M8 was already on another call so with M436 in the system, it was pulled as the closet Medic. The CSA 69 Medic units (2,3,4,5) don't run into El Cajon unless all of the El Cajon boxes (6 (436),8,9) are already committed on calls in the city. Most of the time if a CSA Medic unit is running into the City and an El Cajon Medic unit becomes available, they will cancel the CSA Medic and respond to the call in the City.
  15. Credit to Hughes Fire Equipment.