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  1. I Believe both E73 and E75 are being reopened to become full taskforces again.
  2. Does anyone happen to know where the remaining rigs are going to be assigned, are any Harbor area stations going to be assigned one of the new rigs
  3. I may be wrong, but I would think they would be assigned to the following stations that are assigned 2000 ALF's 10,21,33,37,66,89 or 92. then are 74 and 96 which would probably fall in at the bottom of the list.
  4. I asked the same question about R-213 sometime ago and was told it was a designated ready reserve, which doesn't make any sense being ID' as 213. if it is indeed a ready reserve wouldn't it be ID' as 613?
  5. Does anyone know how Rescue's 805, 813, 838 and 882 are staffed, how many hours per day their in service and the time of day their in service?
  6. Has Rescue 36 been re-assigned to station 48, and Squad 48 to station 36? I noticed that Squad 48 is now at 36's in the bay where Rescue 36 once parked and Rescue 36 is no where in sight @ 36's, it's been that way for about a week or so now.
  7. Rescue 900 Is stationed at station 9, they have had 2 ALS and 2 BLS Rescues for quite some time now.
  8. E-77 To E-25 and E-98 to E-298.
  9. waterguy, do you happen to know where the engines that are receiving one of the knew KME's are going to be reassigned to.
  10. Waterguy, Do you happen to know any of the assignments or have they not been decided yet?
  11. has the LAFD received any of the 15 KME's from the latest order and does anyone know where they will be assigned to?
  12. that's quite an interesting Water Tender For LACoFD.
  13. So with the possible purchase of a new USAR Rig for 88's should we assume that their current rig will go to 27's, 85's or 89's. and if that happens is there talk of replacing the two remaining USAR rigs that are gonna be 15 years old real soon?
  14. Yeah i knew Of Truck 10 having the smart siren, that's why i was asking about the upgrades on other apparatus, and i saw the you tube video of R51 the other day. thanks for the info.