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  1. OK that was fantastic! I noticed on the board they showed the equipment using what they use today - E5, T14, etc but when they dispatched them to a call it sounded like they were using 4 digit IDs. I know when I first started listening to El Cajon in the late 70s / early 80s most of the county was using 4 digit IDs but did San Diego use them on a regular basis too?
  2. Talk about a walk down memory lane - I do remember that! From what seems like forever ago Weren't they still using low band at that point as well? (Before moving to UHF)
  3. It's been awhile since I lived out there but Julian is / was always full of tourists on the weekends - Either for apples when it's nice or the snow when it's cold. There always seemed to be serious TCs and motorcycles down on Hwy 78 and Hwy 79 so this baffles me - especially the part about Mercy Air being turned down. Just wow
  4. I saw recently where CAL FIRE is purchasing 12 of them as well http://fireaviation.com/2017/12/14/cal-fire-receives-final-approval-to-purchase-new-sikorsky-s-70i-helicopters/
  5. San Diego has had sponsors for the lifeguard trucks for a few years now. Toyota now and I believe Jeep has done it as well as others. It's not *too* bad looking I believe their "sponsorship" involves them providing the trucks. If a business wants to buy a whole truck then slap a name on it but $250K shouldn't get you much
  6. A few months ago I believe ... Here's the discussion from Radio Reference https://forums.radioreference.com/san-diego-metro-area-discussion/356918-new-north-zone-fire-numbering.html