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  1. Love those light bars! Would like to see them lit up. Not sure about the pinwheels. They don't seem too effective, at least on YouTube.
  2. Time to update my Tatra avatar. Bummed to hear those didn't work out in the end.
  3. AMR Fire/Medical even?
  4. HAZMAT did come out but was released. Mainly toilet paper and such that ignited. One electrocution injury and another FF injury. Both treated and actually returned to scene.
  5. Ahh, OK. I have seen lots of red AMR's lately.
  6. How will this affect Rural Metro. I thought one owned the other. R/M has the current EMS contract here in San Diego.
  7. Very nice unit. I like water tenders in general. I can't make out the apparatus category over the number, though. Would it be "Water 44" or "Tender 44" (I like the unit numbers to be plain and big and bold. Like "WT44")?
  8. Today, while riding up the 163 toward Hillcrest, I saw a red ambulance with titles for "Zone 2 Rural Fire", and the CSA number (which I failed to catch). Does anybody know anything about this agency? I'm getting nothing on Google.
  9. Gotta be a member, I guess.
  10. I like the lighting on that. Is that the agency that used to be lime green with a blue stripe? I miss that, too.
  11. I saw an ambulance the other day here in San Diego (maybe Adams Ave. or near it) that actually had a red and blue strobe bar on the front (white ambulance with orange striping). I think I made reference to it in an earlier post, but chalked it up to seeing it in a screen on a bus. Not sure if that's technically legal, but it should be. A combo of blue and amber is always good for rear-facing lighting.
  12. Good answers both. Thank you. A PI ute! Those are sharp. Never seen one in SDFD colors.
  13. Now we need to find apparatus pics in these colors!
  14. Sharp rig, but what's the story here? St. 36 has only E-36 and M-36 listed.
  15. Yeah, I guess the poster was going by the "TP" apparatus callsign category. AFAIK, that refers to a dozer transport. I have no clue the traction needs to pull a dozer, but I do like that second one with its mysterious and rugged-looking extra axle.