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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to go off but if a guy is going to bad-mouth my agency, he needs to speak facts when he does. We're not perfect, but don't start speculating, speaking half-truths or making stuff up.
  2. Read your original post. You're basically ripping the County because they "won't" build 116's a new station but they "offered" to build Hermosa Beach a new fire station and you added in an "SMH" as if to emphasize how ridiculous that is. I'm pointing out that you, as many people do, over simplify these situations. I'm passing on the fact that one has nothing to do with the other. The rumor about a property owner refusing to sell property to the County, yep, I heard that one too. Whether it is true or not, whether it would have resulted in a new station, an addition to the existing station or just a bigger parking lot, who knows? But it still doesn't have anything to do with the Hermosa annexation and/or FS100 renovation/rebuild. Speaking of Hermosa, yes the firefighter's union supported the merger with the County. But the citizens were "sold a bill of goods"? I'm not going to explain the whole history of how the annexation came about but in simple terms, you know not what you speak of.
  3. It's way more complex than that. Two separate issues. Although 116's is cramped and a new station would be nice, the procuring of land, at a suitable and central location, plus funding it, is a tall order. It is a minor inconvenience to utilize a standard cab squad in order to make things work. This is especially true since an additional station will likely be built in west Carson somewhere between 116's and 36's area. This might occur in the next five to ten years and could trigger some movement of equipment. Hermosa Beach had to build a new station regardless if they contracted with the County or not. They are paying for it, not the County. It has nothing to do with 116's. It wasn't a case of Hermosa needs a new station so were not going to build a new 116's.
  4. If there is a ban on the chrome wheel covers, it would be because of some type of safety issue with visual inspection of the actual wheels themselves. I'm not sure that a ban on these has been implemented, but if so, the aforementioned would be the reason. Otherwise the wheels are to be painted red. Black is not approved.
  5. The areas you mention each have their own set of politics, tax base issues, regulatory issues and union concerns. It is way more complex than just 'turning over' an area to another agency. Those areas do have auto aid agreements in place which improve coverage. On a side note about this topic. Nothing official has come out from the Department internally about this addition to 51's. It doesn't mean it isn't true. It doesn't mean it won't happen. It doesn't mean it's not needed. There has been talk off and on about putting a truck in service there for years. It is a huge expense to do so and my guess is it probably is tied in with some larger expansion/master plan for Universal. That would lead me to think it'll happen later rather than sooner. IMO