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  1. Anyone know the status of this rig ?
  2. The county won’t build 116s a new station but offered to replace Hermosa Beach old station which is now station 100 smh
  3. Is rescue 213 going to ever go into service ? I think 813 is 24/7
  4. 9s offically has their new truck
  5. Will city ever go back to seagrave ?
  6. Truck 9 is a 2006 American lafrance. Same as for old truck 11.
  7. I thought they were suppose to keep the Hermosa Beach engine.
  8. Also the PUC trend
  9. I personally feel like the firefighters of Hermosa Beach took a gain by going county but the city took a lost. I’ve notice the Quint 161 seems to be the 1st responding truck to Hermosa Beach. It was said that the county would still uphold the mutual aid agreements between the neighboring departments but that does not seem to be the case. Please feel free to comment and correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Platforms are not really a big thing for most California departments. Seems like only some of the smaller departments have them.
  11. Just saw old truck 26 sitting at 13s
  12. Unless truck 26 when into service with in the past 3 days that’s a negative.
  13. I wonder how long or if LAFD and other SoCal departments will adapt some sort of red and blue light combo like FDNY did and Chicago.
  14. This post stated refurbished paramedic rescue bodies which sounds more like a ambulance to me.
  15. 26s is not in service yet