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  1. I would think that USAR 3 would get a new rig before 27s and 89s. But I can see 88s last 2 rigs going to 27s and 89s. I wonder is squad 21 will get a new rig next.
  2. I wish LAFD would have stayed with the grey ladder.
  3. can anyone confirm this is a brand new rig and. It a pic the someone photo shopped. 88s current rig is only about a year old.
  4. It all depends. Take station 35 for example. When E35 was closed, their new at the time KME engine became E235. When engine 35 reopened. It when back to being E35 and 235 was given a hand me down.
  5. Lol
  6. Where did the old truck go ?
  7. I hate that the article says due to budget cuts. That is only half of the reason. False response times was the main resason the department face the cuts that it did. Had the truth been told that it was taking companies longer to respond due to the brown outs I think a different solution would have been taking.
  8. Don't expect any of the truck companies to reopen until after all the engines are restored if that
  9. E20, E75, E73, and E1 are two of the engine companies to be restored
  10. McCormick Ambulance just announce they are merging with AMR. Can anyone confirm ???? I wonder how this is going to work out.
  11. It is my understanding that this is a OES rig in which LAFD can use at their own discretion which is why it's painted with the LAFD paint scheme correct me if I'm wrong
  12. LAFD tested this compartment style back in 2007 and ran with it after. E51 was the Seagrave version and old E7 was the Pierce version.
  13. If they are not already they should be in Ontario soon
  14. I see not much has changed
  15. I believe it was scrapped or put on hold due to budget cuts.