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  1. I wonder how long or if LAFD and other SoCal departments will adapt some sort of red and blue light combo like FDNY did and Chicago.
  2. This post stated refurbished paramedic rescue bodies which sounds more like a ambulance to me.
  3. 26s is not in service yet
  4. Redondo beach will and does transport every now and then ( load and go situations ) they will also transport police and fire personnel as well as local government members.
  5. With a full task force plus 4 rescues and a quick response unit I AGREE. it’s time for a new station 9.
  6. Who knows what will happen. I remember after 80s new station was built that LAX was planning to build one huge station to house 80s, 51s, and 95s all in one.
  7. When did Redondo beach change their numbering ?
  8. Plus 95s Inst directly on the air field
  9. 69s, 95s, and 50s are still frontline Simon-duplex. 92s is in a reserve.
  10. The old rig ( 2005 ) is now at 27s. The 2016 rig is still the current rig ( red lenselight bar ).
  11. E37 has been in a reserve for a long time as well.
  12. I really hate that they no longer put CITY on apparatus
  13. I would think that USAR 3 would get a new rig before 27s and 89s. But I can see 88s last 2 rigs going to 27s and 89s. I wonder is squad 21 will get a new rig next.
  14. I wish LAFD would have stayed with the grey ladder.
  15. can anyone confirm this is a brand new rig and. It a pic the someone photo shopped. 88s current rig is only about a year old.