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  1. Will engine 28 and 102 go back to being a light force
  2. What all companies were closed back in 2011 ?
  3. Is LAFD trying to ditch the KME’s ? Engine 33 is only a 2nd or 3rd gen. It’s either barely or not even at its mid life. Same with engine 87.
  4. Effective Sunday July 8th
  5. Engine 1 and 20 in service
  6. Truck 9, 11, 26, 89, and 95 are in service unknown shop numbers
  7. Engines 39, 64, 69, and 87 are in service unknown shop numbers
  8. How come the squad was never returned after engine 7 moved out of 39s ?
  9. 800 and 900 series rescues are BLS. Example: Station 9 runs rescue 9 and 209. Those are ALS paramedic rescues. Rescue 809 and 900 are BLS emt’s.
  10. That sucks. They just got that rig back.
  11. Is there a list as to where these rigs are going ?
  12. Looks like the went with a new lightbar on this one
  13. First off bro I was never bad mouthing the county. You know like I know that certain things that happen are beyond our pay grade. I don’t know if you followed or went to any of the meetings that the city of Hermosa Beach held prior to the final decision to transfer to L.A. County. Based upon those meetings I feel politics is what lead up to the transfer. At the end of the day, the City of Hermosa Beach not the County sold the residents a dream. How long do you think it will take USAR Task Force 103 to get to Hermosa from QTRS on a Tuesday at 4pm. But hey it’s what we get paid to do right.
  14. Does Rural Metro still do EMS anywhere in the US
  15. No that’s not what I was saying. What I’m saying is that several years back they tried to build a new station 116 somewhere very close to the current station but one resident refuse to sell the property or something like that. As far as Hermosa Beach goes, the firefighters wanted to go county. The people were mislead into thing they were winning the lotto. Hermosa Beach: we can’t afford to build a new station, the county can build a new station at a cheaper cost, the county has better equipment and so on.