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  1. Anyone have any info on this new truck? What station will it go to? Is this an addition or a replacement?
  2. Anyone have any info on this potential agreement? Where the aircraft be based at? What type of aircraft? Flight Medic Job Announcement
  3. What is the arrangement between LASD Air Rescue 5 and the LaCoFD Air Squads?
  4. In addition to more backboards, LACoFD Heavy Squads carry additional trauma gear (bandages, IVs), the triage tarps and two large oxygen bottles(not portable, forgot what size). Multiple patients can receive 02 from the system. No extrication gear. No special boards for geriatric or bariatric patients. This was 2009 timeframe.
  5. Can Truck 6 go on the same type of USAR tech calls as T9 and T34 or would they have to staff the heavy rescue?
  6. Will the tiller fit in Sta 46?
  7. More pics:
  8. If I recall correctly 80's was staffed with a Captain II, Captain I, Engineer, 3 A/Os and 8 FFs. Is this still the case? Any word on the ranks of the additional staff and riding assignments?
  9. CHP

    Generic is correct. They are typically configured for patrol with a seat in the front left position. Pilot sits front right. In order to transport they would have to remove the front left seat. The patient lays on their back, feet forward extending to where the seat was. Their A-Star aircraft are also equipped with a hoist for rescue operations. These situations would require a trained firefighter to assist.
  10. Will there be additional staffing at 80's?
  11. Hope that helps.
  12. Does the HAZMAT have its own crew? Or is it cross-staffed from the engine?
  13. Are there still 14 members on duty at 80's each shift? What is their make up? Capt II, I, engineers, FF? And what are their riding assignments?
  14. I believe Monrovia1 is correct. Extrication tools are not standard on Heavy Squads.
  15. Do you have any info on the Airport Division? Are the ARFF Rigs referred to as Rescues? Rescue 9: Oshkosh Striker 4500 with snozzle Rescue 10: Oshkosh Striker 4500 with snozzle Rescue 11: Oshkosh Striker 4500 Rescue 37: Oshkosh T-1500 Rescue 49: Oshkosh T-3000 with snozzle Rescue 90: Oshkosh T-3000