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  1. Murrieta's new rigs have Roto Ray's too.
  2. So a ladder tender is an engine with more ladders and extrication equipment? What's the point of it? Being in Cali, I've never heard of a LT and I am curious of it's function. Is it staffed 24/7 with a full crew?
  3. I've heard that unit is in the shops more than the station.
  4. In regards to mid-mounts I believe the big attraction is they have a lower overall height. With east coast departments having older fire stations with lower app bay heights, it's the only aerial they can fit in their station. Although Escondido has a mid-mount.
  5. I believe it is Redlands FD that also have Roto Rays.
  6. That's just an engine????
  7. I'd imagine Universal is gonna save a bunch of money on fire insurance doing this.