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  1. Does anyone have an updated list of apparatus within Battalion 6 and Battalion 22?
  2. Don't worry everyone, the raiders flag was there just for that picture.
  3. Oh it's just the American fire service at its finest haha but hopefully it all works out.
  4. Station 3 has been added to the budget for many many years now. Every time the budgeted money goes toward another project so I guess we'll see if it actually goes through or not. They plan to put all Haz-Mat personnel there (currently at 3 and 8). Rumor is potentially taking the haz-mat crew off truck 8, putting them on the Haz-Mat unit (currently cross-staffed by engine 3) and bringing truck 8 to either 4 or 10. But this will obviously be after new station 3 is built.
  5. Ya, talking to a few members there are some things that will take getting use to, can space is great, most of the compartments are well thought out, captains seat is a little small but for the most part the crews are happy with them, we'll have to give it some time to see how well they hold up and perform.
  6. Engines 4 and 201 are now in service with Smeals.
  7. They haven't been sent out yet, still at the shop, starting today all Spartacus are rotating throughout the department in an 'ATTEMPT' to reduce the wear on rigs. Haven't heard anything official but the smeals should be out on the street within the next few weeks.
  8. At this time 106, 201, 43, unsure what the other 2 are, possibly 3.
  9. The engines are very nice, clean interior, good space in the compartments. Two engines are at the shop currently with the other three on the way. Hopefully they run well. On a side note, old truck 9 (quint) recently returned from being refurbished and will be sent to Truck 7 after new decals and testing takes place. Current truck 7 will go to truck 6 with current truck 6 going to truck 8. Within the next few weeks all engines and trucks will be rotating to attempt to reduce wear and tear on rigs.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath, department vehicles are beginning to get the new logos on the doors, not sure if the 'wonderful' block lettering will appear on the engines and trucks.
  11. Just talked to a friend and was told that starting this month LVFR is rotating apparatus in order to reduce wear and tear on rigs due to the department being unable to purchase new units as often as they are supposed to. Run stats came out recently and after the department inputted their new response plan 12/2015 the engines and trucks are running many more calls with rescues running less. SO it appears the department is attempting to put a bandaid on a problem they created. I guess we'll see how this works since many of their engines are over 15 years old and now may be going from a slow station to a busy one... and their shop is very short staffed. Also, new department logos are going on units soon and there is no 'ISO Class One' written on it which either means the department doesn't think it'll be able to keep the cert or it just doesn't care...
  12. Last I heard the rigs are several months late, supposed to be delivered in February but we shall see. No word on where they will go, many rumors of rigs throughout the department switching stations to reduce wear and tear on them but we'll see if and when that happens.
  13. somebody actually complained that the big red fire truck was too loud responding to an emergency, and the department actually took it seriously? HA
  14. What I've been told is that Smeal was able to meet the departments expectations for a lower cost than pierce. We'll see how the Smeal's hold up.
  15. Rescue 103 is supposed to be going into service in the near future. Not sure where it will be placed (5, 10 or another station nearby). Station 103 is old station 6 and is currently the logistics warehouse. The warehouse will be moved to the current Metro police warehouse downtown. Once Metro moves and the LVFR warehouse moves in the city will remodel 103 and move an engine and rescue into it. The time frame continues to change and as of now the city only gave funding for a new rescue. The engine would be engine 6 but there is still a good possibility that there will be funding soon for a new engine to be created. If engine 6 leaves the department will take current truck 6 out of service (either send it as a reserve or replace an older truck) and put a reserve quint at 6 so there is a fire suppression unit (the city did the same to station 7 when station 107 opened). This is all preliminary info that is most likely going to change many times before its set in stone.