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  1. I gotta think that rig is more expensive than the Pierce. It's nice looking but will probably be the only one they get.
  2. Wasn't that supposed to go to 58s?
  3. I've noticed Ladder and LT 131 have not been in the station for the past couple of weeks. They've been running a back up Pierce engine and the El Mirage Velocity. Any word on what's up with the rigs?
  4. Looks like Surprise is getting rid of their type-3 , previously used by E-304. It was at the city yard with the Surprise markings removed. Is 304 now running one of the E-one's?
  5. I've never been a fan of the decals Phoenix puts on their rigs, but they are at least safety messages from the dept., not ads from a private company. I can't wait to see a Hooters logo!
  6. Way to big. Noooooooo!
  7. Anyone know why Sun City is using El Mirage's old Velocity E121? It's been in 131s house for a week now.
  8. The engine is finished, minus the markings. It was sitting behind 131s. Also, on Tuesday there was a red and white Velocity sitting in the bay. Couldn't see the markings...
  9. Maneuverability is tops. With new housing developments being built with smaller streets, it's extremely difficult to get a huge rear mount tower in there. Especially with cars parked on the street. Not to mention driving through heavy city traffic. Tillers here in AZ. haven't caught on with the exception of Buckeye, and they definitely need it for the community of Verrado, which has very narrow streets. Most depts. probably prefer a tower for safety reasons, but a tiller will get you into tight spots.
  10. I was going to ask about AeroCare 1 because I've heard them a lot recently on the scanner flying into Phoenix hospitals.
  11. Air Evac can't be happy with that. Is that a new bird or 1 from Yuma?
  12. Unless both engines are on other calls, then no ladder. If you're going to have a ladder, it should be independently staffed.
  13. That makes no sense at all.
  14. The ladder going to 191s I assume...
  15. Phoenix has been doing this for years, granted they have have been public safety related ( drowning, smoke detectors, etc.). No money made and the decal took up the whole roll up door on the rear side.