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  1. What kind of USAR rig does Fullerton have?
  2. Orange City has a Type 3. It's an old OCFA one. They were on scene of the neighborhood in Anaheim Hills that had lost homes.
  3. I could see Ft McDowell needing that with the hotel, not Fountain Hills.
  4. Orange City is the 9th
  5. I've noticed L181 at 184s for quite a while. Did they move there? Why have both hazardous materials companies so close together? 184s was the perfect spot, being close to Amazon.
  6. I saw 2 new Rosenbauer engines yesterday in Goodyear for the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. They were marked as E353 and E354. I didn't know they had more than 1 engine there. I knew of the Rosenbauer engine, ladder, and ARFF truck. Nice fleet they have out there.
  7. Why did the county choose a smaller hazardous materials unit for 129s and not the tractor trailer version?
  8. Get that ugly Raiders flag off that nice truck!
  9. No. Before the City merger, they only had 1 tiller, an ALF in Fontana. These 2 are probably going to the City stations.
  10. That paint scheme I believe was from a dept. in Florida, Seminole County I think.
  11. Heard a house fire call last night for Surprise and they dispatched Utility 307. Could that possibly be old LT 305? It never responded due to manpower, so U172 was special called.
  12. We don't have that problem here in Phoenix as we only have law enforcement birds to respond to hoist calls. Problem with that is they are not always available. A lot of down time with those birds.
  13. Manufacturer means nothing. It's all about cost. KME was supposed to be junk but obviously stepped up their game as L.A.County's whole fleet is KME. Avondale, Goodyear jumped on board. Buckeye has Sutphens. Those are east coast rigs. Pierce is obviously king of the hill but unless you buy in bulk, you're going to pay a pretty penny.Smeal is really popular with urban interface departments. Money talks these days.
  14. Interesting. So I wonder if any ships are going to continue to be automatically added to calls in Halo 151s former area or will they have to be special called?
  15. Is E4 staffed by USAR trained ff's? If so, does that mean everyone from 4s moves to 2s and E4 becomes the new company?