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  1. Please delete, thx Dupe Posting
  2. Thanks, Thought maybe you had seen it out on the streets someplace. Have no idea until it hits the streets.
  3. Which unit are you referring to, USAR 103 still has their Freightliner. Just curious
  4. I believe they were renamed a while ago. The Dept. just expanded the number of units this week. Here is a link to the Photo Op for them.
  5. Another possibility is that when you saw them, they might have been responding code to a location for staging w/ other SD area OES rigs to head north either to Idlewild or the Carr Fire in Redding.
  6. I doubt 102s will get their LF back, it was used to reopen 78s, when their house was finally rebuilt after being damaged during the Northridge quake. FS 78s opened in '08, prior to the closures due to the budget cuts of '11.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it is a '15 Pierce Arrow PUC.
  8. I believe the only closed companies left now are Engine 50s, 74s and 92s, all of the above LFs, the Squads and the 2 BCs. Don't recall if they have refilled any of the EITs that were cut as well.
  9. Starting Sunday, 7/8/18, the SPFD will no longer exist. What station numbers will they be assigned w/ VNC?? RIP SPFD
  10. Along with 1s and 20s as well.
  11. If I recall, I remember reading a few years ago, the pics are shot next to one of the buildings and in the background they had parts on pallets and such. Photoshop can be your best friend.
  12. LAFD Shop # 60828 on the Flickr site
  13. Former E127 is currently acting as E100, while Hermosa's rig gets repainted, that much is true. When it returns it will remain at 100s and former 127s rig will be reassigned elsewhere in the region, possibly as a first line company or as a reserve. It has not been decided yet. Also, with Foam 10 moving to 127s to make room for the squad, Foam 5127 (The Mack) will most likely be retired.
  14. Negative, 104s only has a Quint, and 150s has HMTF 150 and I believe BC22
  15. Came upon this article in the Newhall Signal. Wonder where they will run the Quint out of while the station is built?