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  1. If I recall, I remember reading a few years ago, the pics are shot next to one of the buildings and in the background they had parts on pallets and such. Photoshop can be your best friend.
  2. LAFD Shop # 60828 on the Flickr site
  3. Former E127 is currently acting as E100, while Hermosa's rig gets repainted, that much is true. When it returns it will remain at 100s and former 127s rig will be reassigned elsewhere in the region, possibly as a first line company or as a reserve. It has not been decided yet. Also, with Foam 10 moving to 127s to make room for the squad, Foam 5127 (The Mack) will most likely be retired.
  4. Negative, 104s only has a Quint, and 150s has HMTF 150 and I believe BC22
  5. Came upon this article in the Newhall Signal. Wonder where they will run the Quint out of while the station is built?
  6. Posted today on Pierce's Flickr
  7. Same with 75s. E275 got the KME, while it was destined for 75s originally. I'm sure there are other houses like that.
  8. Surprised that this was not posted earlier. Chief Terrazas tweeted yesterday,that the LAFD has secured a FEMA grant of $15.4 Million, to restore 4 Engines next year. Unknown who will be reopened. Here is the link.
  9. New rig for Redondo Beach.
  10. Found this on Pierce's Flickr page.
  11. I believe that is new HM 129, to replace their current rig.
  12. LAFD Valley Facebook page has video of the Groundbreaking ceremonies that took place this am.
  13. Found this little tidbit yesterday on Facebook. Los Angeles County Fire Department has awarded Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) and their partnering dealer Western Truck Exchange (WTE) six (6) Type-3 and Ten (10) Type-6 fire apparatus. Tag-on opportunities are available. Contact us at or call (800) 445-8342 to be connected with your area sales rep.
  14. Correct, From what was discussed after the fire, the new station is just around the corner from the old station.
  15. Just saw this link that ran in yesterday's paper.