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  1. Checked LVFR Facebook page and there is more pictures of this unit They describe it as a quint, but I thought that the present Tower 7 was a quint, maybe not The new unit is a quint so as to replace their former engine which is now at Station 107 in Sun City Summerlin
  2. The present unit is Tower 7, a 2012 Pierce Q Seems strange to switch it for an aerial at this location.
  3. Interesting Thought that CAL FIRE and OES had a long term contract with HME for Type 3s
  4. It did say 6 aerials in the 25MM budget, so you have listed 11,14,21,40, 44 Where did the sixth RM get assigned? I assume that the old 90s aerials(spares) will be sold,if not gone already Are they carried as 2017, or 2016?
  5. That should be correct. OES rigs are all painted in their colors and markings They are loaned to the departments that house them,maintain them and staff them LAFD may have ordered some OES or CAL FIRE spec'd rigs and piggybacked on the OES/CAL FIRE bid package.
  6. In today's Las Vegas paper. NLV City Council approved,Wednesday night, the purchase of a new aerial from Pierce to replace a ten year old aerial now out of service. I assume it is T 52 a 2008 model. The present aerial needs $ 32,500 to fix it and when done will be a reserve piece, they said.
  7. I think it is to numbered 91
  8. You bring up an interesting question about an assignment list of all the OES units. I was told directly from and inside source at OES, that due to the need for security reasons, they do not publish a list of assignments for the public. That OES officer said that you may well be able to read about individual assignments as they happen and obtain the assignments that way. Over the years I have built a list for the type 2s, type 3s and some other OES units as they are assigned. This list is not complete and never will be given the lack of access for the public, it seems. Maybe it will change, not sure at this point.
  9. Engine 55 got a new Type 3 engine in 2011 KME built it, a Int/KME 750 GPM engine for the Avalon station The small shed at Twin Harbors had an old Ford unit that would just fit in the small building there Not sure of other changes on the island
  10. Thanks Have not seen any of the Smeals on the street yet.
  11. What are the new engine assignments, one is lettered 201 the others?
  12. Update , there was only one new squad purchased, that is Sq 32 which is based at City Center Station with Engine 32. Rescue 13 at McCarran Airport is now called Sq 13 This info from my neighbor, a CCFD Capt
  13. Correct, however, a CCFD Capt told me that they did receive a couple of new squads recently I think that one is at 18, have not seen it on the road as yet I also think that the Mt Charleston Station received a new engine a few years ago: 81 Int 1500 GPM "15 Mahogany Dr & Yellow Pine,SR 157 Mt.Charleston
  14. also: new water tender: in 2007 below: also several new squads I believe that as funds are available, they have tried to upgrade the vol stations while still replacing the main career fleet 75 Int/West-Mark 3000 Gall “07 Searchlight
  15. Here are two new engines bought for the Vol stations: 73 Ferrara 1500 GPM “10 3690 Lyman St Logandale 74 Ferrara 1500 GPM “08 300 N Moapa Valley Blvd Overton