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  2. It is probably a hand me down from CAL FIRE as it is Fresno County Fire Brush 77.
  3. These are not LAFD bought type 3 engines. They are CAL OES engines supplied to LAFD. They can be used by LAFD for free for day to day use (restrictions apply) but must be staffed by LAFD for strike team assignments when called upon by OES. edit: maybe I am wrong but if I had to guess, I still think they are CAL OES engines.
  4. I am almost certain this broadcaster provided the feed for Blue-3 especially since he provides other LACoFD feeds. He may have family or friends from around the county providing the feeds for him to broadcast and for whatever reason, the person for Blue-3 can no longer provide the feed. That is just a guess. Try contacting him and ask.
  5. Back in the 1990s, the California Fire Chiefs Association decided to reduced miscommunication by having city/county FDs renumber apparatus so there are no same numbered apparatus in the whole county. They wanted to reduce the miscommunication on larger incidents where you may have 2 or 3 Engine 1s and etc.. This would also help on strike teams. I know of different counties that renumbered to 2, 3 or 4 digit numbering. Sometimes this stuck. Other times it did not stick. There are still remnants of this in Riverside County. Idyllwild fire has engine 621 and etc.. Murrieta fire used to be 631, 632 etc. before abandoning it along with other cities. I am not really familiar with San Diego county but I am guessing that is how the 4 digit numbering came about. Someone finally decided to implement it. Another chief decided to abandon it. I have never been a fan of digit apparatus numbering (except for CAL FIRE where it is needed). It seemed to be more complicated than it had to be. 2 and 3 digit numbering is fine by me.
  6. An email was sent out to registered members stating that due to the growth of the website, they couldn't keep up with the costs associated with the website. They have decided to go to a pay model. With this model, they plan on rolling out services where information on fires will be closer to real time.
  7. I was under the impression this website already covers all of California. There was a recent thread on SFFD green lights and a couple of threads. It just seems most of the posters are interested in Southern California (especially Los Angeles and San Diego counties). IMO, it is up to the owner if he wants to expand out. It wouldn't bother me either way.
  8. It is the new truck out of Jumal and I don't know why it is a 2 digit number. The recently acquired patrols also have a 2 digit number from the picture I saw online. The truck is on the SDCFA website.
  10. Things could change.
  11. Engine 264 has been moved to Station 86 - Glendora. Quint 86 has been moved to Station 64 - San Dimas.
  12. I believe the city council has already voted to outsource the fire dept to the county. It just has to go through all the regulatory things now. Expected start date is July 1st. All properties within the city will be assessed an additional $148 a year for the county fire dept.
  13. CHP

    CHP has 1 flight officer/paramedic on each of their helicopters. Their primary purpose is law enforcement but do respond traffic collisions and rescue type situations in rural areas. Usually, medical helicopters are the primary transport of all patients but CHP can and are used when needed.
  14. Blythe apparently has a strong volunteer fire department. I don't think the city asked for a formal bid from the county but I think they got a rough estimate and the city said they could not afford it.