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  1. New Commander for E-191 should be ordered this Summer for expected 2019 delivery. E-191’s Spartan/Rosenbauer should then go to E-196, replacing the last non-Rosenbauer pumper in Peoria (2006 ALF Eagle).
  2. The new Commander pumper is going to E-194. E-191’s is the newest Spartan/Rosie and isn’t the busiest company, so it’ll go later. E-194 won’t be in service for a few weeks. New Commander for L-191 is in town at the dealer. Won’t be delivered for about a week. LT-191 and S-197 new rigs are almost done at the South Dakota plant. Final inspection in a couple of weeks.
  3. Yes, its a municipal fire department now. No relationship with Rural/Metro any longer.
  4. Sure. I did confirm that both rigs will be walk-around, both on FL M2-106 chassis.
  5. From what I know, they're both going on Freightliner chassis. The LT will be 4d, TRT will be 2d. The only thing I don't know is whether the TRT will be walk-in like S197, or walk around like the current LT's.
  6. The only in service Peoria rig I didn't yet have. LA-192 (new) 2016 Ford F-350
  7. Peoria has 9 Rosie's currently (2010 (x2), 11, 12, 13, 14, 16(x3)), with another pumper, a MMT, LT and a Tech Rescue under construction. I'm just not hearing anything bad... (dammit, I violated my own rule about not getting caught in a Manu. topic)
  8. Just my observations and certain inside information. I try to avoid "this manufacturer, that manufacturer" debates, it's not why I participate in these forums.
  9. I think it's lots of hard City miles (and in the case of 195, long runs into the far north). The 2010/11 era Spartan/Rosenbauer rigs formerly at 192 and 195 have something like 200k on them... In fact, all 3 went straight to reserve because the 2005 ALF at 196 and the 2007 ALF at 197 had less miles and were actually in somewhat better condition.
  10. Peoria has another Commander pumper on order, plus a Commander 100' MMT. Should be in sometime this year.
  11. Here's 193's, also identical except for the Hazmat markings on the rear roll ups.
  12. They've been in service a while, but here're some photos... Engines 192 and 195 are identical, so here's 195's (the front numbers have subsequently been changed to solid black)
  13. Here's a better photo of one of the new Demers...
  14. Here's Peoria's 3rd rescue. I was initially told it would be going to 199's at Lake Pleasant, due to the 4wd, but most recently they've just been using it in rotation with the other two. 2015 Ford F-350/Northstar Type I (demo rig)..
  15. Hello everyone - Just got my login renewed, so I can post now. Here are Peoria's two Ford F-350/Demers Type I's that went in service earlier this year. They'll be rotated between Rescues 193 and 195, along with the F-350/Northstar 4x4 Type I that was delivered last year.