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  1. If it was after nov 11 it wasn’t their frontline truck
  2. Yes only one has been completed in this order
  3. The Simon is down due to body damage as of last weekend, gonna be a while before they see it again
  4. Not yet and I’m not sure who’s next
  5. yeah i cant get it to play either
  6. 6E73FB8E-A955-4A66-9A4A-80023989CCEF.MOV
  7. Yes T26 is the next one going into service, date unknown
  8. I don’t, its pretty tall though some members won’t be able to close the roll up door if its rolled all the way up this is the only one finished 18’s is almost done, a year doesn’t sound like “normal” repair, if the new rig is built to spec than it shouldn’t be a problem getting it on the street, and actually the mechanics are the ones hurting trying to keep the equipment running
  9. So far so good
  10. It is currently going to FS 82
  11. They currently still have the old truck, this pic is as recent as it gets, the newly promoted capt pic is older than this pic, because no captains were promoted this week
  12. T11 is at the station being cleaned and finalized, should be running calls within hours
  13. Interesting, who is your source of info, the first one was just barely finished around the time of this post