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  1. Actually old truck 11 is now T69
  2. Suspension issue being monitored, 95s then 9s
  3. 87’s new pierce was picked up today, they will spend some time getting familiar with it, then it will go into service, hopefully within the next week or two
  4. Yes T26 should be in service within the past few days, yes there is a concern with the tiller suspension but nothing to prevent them from going into service... T95 should be next up and T69 is going to be old T11
  5. thanks I/we appreciate that
  6. I believe there were 25 ordered
  7. T73 will be out for a bit.....outside of the ARFF's purchase I dont think the airports pay for much anymore
  8. Their ALF is down for major engine repairs
  9. If it was after nov 11 it wasn’t their frontline truck
  10. Yes only one has been completed in this order
  11. The Simon is down due to body damage as of last weekend, gonna be a while before they see it again
  12. Not yet and I’m not sure who’s next
  13. yeah i cant get it to play either
  14. 6E73FB8E-A955-4A66-9A4A-80023989CCEF.MOV
  15. Yes T26 is the next one going into service, date unknown