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  1. I saw 50s truck in a Simon on Wednesday evening in 12s first in structure fire assignment
  2. Is the heavy rescue in service?
  3. Is there going to be appartus being shuffled around? I ask because I drove by S&M and I saw one of the older ALF tillers numbered for 50s.
  4. Looking through the pulse point app on my phone, I notice a couple units that stick out. What is/are the JT units?
  5. When will the new heavy rescue will go into service?
  6. I've noticed in the last few weeks that 44s is running a 1999 Pierce? What happened to their Seagrave?
  7. When and who will receive the new trucks when the new year starts?
  8. Looking at some of those pictures the tillerman's view is obscured by 18 inches of the ladder resting while in travel
  9. Having RA 900 travel from the SFV to El Sereno?
  10. check out this vid
  11. But I was watching a video on YouTube and the numbering on the RA was labeled 900
  12. I always seen on pulse point and I was wondering where is it stationed at?
  13. While driving home from work I noticed LAFD Engine 4, battalion 1 and Command 22 on San Pedro St in Downtown. Where does Command 22 based and how does it serve the department?
  14. Which company built the new BCs?