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  1. There is a second front line engine that runs out of station 1, engine 5. The new Pierce will replace their current engine, a 2004 Pierce Arrow.
  2. With many of the new Pierce engines having entered service, I am surprised that E-43 is still in an older Seagrave reserve engine. I would think that a newer engine would have become avaialble for them to use a reserve until their Pierce Arrow was repaired. Mark
  3. Firepost, Thanks for the information. Actually, SJFD has a mix of platforms, midmounts, and straight ladders as well as the new TDA's. I am not sure about the current T-29 but this website is a great resource for apparatus listings in the department. They show the Simon-Duplex as their front line unit. I do know that truck companies are no longer running as two piece responses.
  4. San Jose Fire Dept. was a west coast large city using mostly platforms for a long time (only two Crimson TDA's in fleet) until a purchase of four Pierce TDA's around 2013 and o delivery of one more last year. There are still many platforms and a few mid mounts still in service as front line trucks and reserves but the fleet is going all TDA. Santa Clara County FD has all platforms and straight sticks in their fleet even with new purchases. Can't think of any other large departments in No Cal running all platforms.
  5. When all the new Pierce Tillers are in service, will the remaining Simon Duplex TDA's be retired?
  6. Looks like the KME body is now the norm for LAFD engines. Has the KME contract now ended and all new engines ordered will be Pierce Arrow XT's?
  7. I believe that it is Woodside Fire Protection District in San Mateo County that you are referring to. They have a older Pierce Rescue built on a Enforcer or Dash chassis that is capable of patient transport. To my knowledge it has not been used in this manor. Palo Alto FD has a fleet of Pierce Arrow engines and reserve older Pierce's that are do not have patient transport capabilities.They run ambulances that transport. Mark
  8. A horrific accident occured yesterday in Vallejo involving a Vallejo FD TDA and several vehicles. Seven people were injured including four firefighters. The collision caused the ladder truck to rollover on it's side as it slid down the street hitting a light post and shearing a fire hydrant. Investigation is still ongoing but the ladder truck was rolling code 3 at the time of the accident. Thoughts and prayers go out to all the injured. Mark
  9. This is a great site for up to date information on all wildland fires in CA. Includes list of fire agencies committed to each fire as well as scanner feeds. Mark
  10. Recent apparatus orders in The Bay Area: Palo Alto FD (June 2013) - Ordered new Tiller on Arrow XT chassis.Tagged on to San Jose FD order of 4. San Jose took delivery but not sure about P.A. San Mateo FD (March 2104) - Ordered 2 engines and one TDA on Arrow XT chassis Foster City FD (March 2014) - Ordered 1 engine on Arrow XT chassis. Tagged on to San Mateo order Will be first Pierce apparatus in Foster City's fleet. Mark
  11. I believe that it came from the city of Santa Clara up here in the S.F. Bay Area. They had two of them as front line Trucks before moving to Pierce Quints. Daly city has one of the ALF's for use as their reserve Truck and it looks's like Vernon bought the second one. Mark
  12. I do not know of a site that has the latest SJFD station and apparatus updates. The attached site has current incident photos from SJFD and neighboring departments. Lot's of great San Jose apparatus pics which show current station assignments. BTW, Truck 30 received a new Pierce Tiller and not Truck 34. Mark
  13. Here In the San Francisco Peninsula region a few smaller departments (Redwood City and Woodside FPD) have taken delivery of a small number of Seagrave Type 1 engines and a TDA. Pierce and Spartan have been receiving the bulk of the contracts for new apparatus for cities from S.F. down to San Jose. Mark