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  1. That's is correct after Fukushima during the japan tsunami pangs received 3 engines, raffle, and ladder truck along with additional equipment to keep things cooled should they become isolated during a disaster.
  2. If I remember correctly I thought the squads in both lacofd and vcfd have extrication capability
  3. This is confirmed as the first production photos are now up on the Hughes pierce site. They will indeed be red.
  4. I think this is due to the change from survivair which became sperian which was purchased by Honeywell.. Newer red bottle is with the newer Honeywell label, the one to the right is survivair, and the one to the left is sperian all the same company with different branding dependant on age.
  5. Any update on the new tower ladder for maricopa seems like it's been talked about for well over a year
  6. What is the staffing on LA 18?
  7. Any word what LA 18 is using for responses in Phoenix?
  8. What is sq19 getting?
  9. This is a joint recruitment with the city of Mesa... Apps open Monday the 25th.
  10. Maricopa has 4 stations... 571 is in a neighborhood by province.. 572 is on the east side.. 574 is south of the tracks...575 is in a year old station west of qt..
  11. Haters love to hate..
  12. Sounds like rumor and speculation by Gilbertfire I wonder his qualifications to deem a fleet of apparatus unfit?
  13. This is confirmed this is UST from Redsky Fire apparatus info is on their website.
  14. Was there no boats on thus assignment?
  15. anyone have any more pictures or specs on this unit?