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  1. Looks like Lakeside got their 3rd medic in service, I assume its at station 1 with E1.
  2. There were multiple heartland units on the fire and i'm pretty sure it was all auto aid. Truck 6 and Engine 6 from El Cajon were placed on the fire as part of the 3rd alarm along with many of the La Mesa units, even SMG E21 was placed on it.
  3. Darn, what a shame
  4. The fire was in the shop on the property and was confined to an engine only, not sure what engine.
  5. Wow, that's going to be one of the better looking engines in the county
  6. Solid look
  7. Station 1 does not have a medic currently I believe but I would imagine when they bring in the new medic unit it will be housed at station 1 as medic 1
  8. Looks like station 6 now has 2 medics just like station 8 bringing the total amount of medics in El Cajon to 5 during the peak hours of the day. I'm curious to see if this is a permanent unit that will run during the peak hours like M440 or if this is just some sort of temporary unit. CSA69 is supposed to be bringing in a 5th medic too which would really bolster the transportation numbers for Santee, Lakeside and El Cajon as mutual aid from AMR has been running into the 3 jurisdictions quite a bit lately.
  9. I believe it got turned over back to the county and is now E24 in harbison canyon.
  10. SQ6 is in service today.
  11. There will be a procession for him tomorrow(12/17) from the Venture County Medical Center all the way to a location in Miramar. More
  12. R.I.P
  13. The incident involved two overturned vehicles with one having multiple people trapped. The initial dispatch was 4702, E25, E26 and M45, but shortly after 4702 arrived he upgraded it to a vehicle rescue which added E3 and T6 to the call. I guess the CAD pulled E3 first before looking for a rescue thus not pulling R3 but instead T6, they noticed the mistake and requested R3 respond instead of T6.
  14. That looks really good, can't wait to see it on the streets.