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  1. I was tuning in on my scanner to the catch the structure fire traffic and got the recording of B3 contacting Heartland about the TC. Here is the recording if anyone is interested, https://vocaroo.com/i/s1uVAEfRMHKv B3 contacts Heartland at 00:21. Glad everyone made it out uninjured.
  2. From what I've seen they no longer have it and I believe it's now county Engine 24.
  3. What a beauty
  4. A couple of days ago I heard Medic 4 and Heartland dispatch giving some new radios some names on a new Medic rig, looks like it's a red one and no longer Chevy according this picture Lakeside Fire just uploaded on twitter.
  5. I had heard the other day on the scanner "Rescue 46" letting Heartland know they were available at station 22, I thought I might have possibly heard it wrong but according to a Facebook post by San Miguel Firefighters Foundation what I heard was correct. It looks like Rescue 15 is currently running as Rescue 46 but still numbered as 15? Anyone have any info on this?
  6. New website https://www.sanmiguelfire.net/
  7. I'm not entirely sure what HTL? and MH? are but I know the AMR units in El Cajon let Heartland know what code they are transporting which i believe is the severity of their transport. Here is a list of the codes I found online, im not sure if these codes are exactly the ones AMR uses. Code 10 Critical Trauma case Code 20 Acute Trauma case Code 30 Trauma case Code 40 Serious case (IV started) Code 50 Basic transport (not serious)
  8. New logo looking good on one of the new Spartans.
  9. City of El Cajon 6-13-17 (Budget)Joint Special Meeting Agenda Anyone have any more information on this? Would this be a Squad type unit?
  10. CAD update
  11. San Miguel Fire District will be rebranded to San Miguel Fire & Rescue when they leave Cal Fire, they will also be getting new logos and patches.
  12. A very nice looking rig! It actually ran code by my house the other day and that side light bar you were talking about really stands out! Very unique. I'm guessing that number plate it temporary as San Miguel is splitting soon, no need to waste money redoing the graphics.
  13. That really sucks, good to hear it wasn't too serious. Is the engine all red now or did they keep the white top?
  14. E3 and M2 had just cleared HTF so they were in the area when the call went out, M2 was automatically added to the call as all the AMR medics were unavailable and E3 requested to be added as they were just a few minutes away, I431 and I432 are information officers aka PIOs. I believe B2 was originally on the call but 4307 asked to be placed on the call instead of B2. B2 did later let B3 who was IC know that he was getting some stuff together at Station 4 if they needed it for the rescue operation but they were never called upon and San Diego Engine 4 was indeed added on to help out USAR4 with man power.