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  1. F73 is at the shops having it's annual PM.
  2. Found out only the water tender moved. E156 is a 4 man engine so they will cross staff the tender. P73 stayed at 73.
  3. When did this happen and why?
  4. God Bless!
  5. I spoke to my buddy who's a Captain on E82. He doesn't have any info on the type3. As of two days ago no notification 82's will receive this rig.
  6. Any word who will receive this?
  7. You mean i was lied too. Well crap!
  8. My understanding is...LAFD has to have a type3 or similar rig to have the OES type 3's. That's why only one was purchased but, the markings are a bit unusual.
  9. Does anyone know if more will be purchased. Or is this one time only. 482C maybe st82?
  10. 22 have left the factory last week.
  11. No cross lays as they have a hose reel instead.
  12. Yes, they have one new tractor and two new trailers for hazmat. Trailers are 3 years old i believe as they are waiting for shelves. Yes shelves...
  13. Should already have it. Maybe in service by now.
  14. LaCo Fire and Long Beach purchased HR103.
  15. If it's a mechanical siren then where are the side screen and fins? Look close and you can see the box for the electronic siren.