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  1. I,ve heard the same thing within the last year. One super station.
  2. I should of said. 95's isn't paid for by LAX.
  3. ST150 is a Haz Mat Task force. ST104 is a Quint only so no patrol as they don't need one. Yes on BC22 at 150's.
  4. Rumor has it, Q104 will run out of St150. Also..will it stay at 150's and a Engine be placed at 104. Stay tuned!
  5. 95's is paid for by LAX. They will stay red.
  6. As of last week still in the Simon.
  7. USAR Task Force maybe for the reason they have a 500 pound tip load. Heavy duty ladder... 92's is in a Simon Duplex as well.
  8. I heard T9 will receive the 3rd one.Then USAR Task Force's will receive the remaining.
  9. How many are at the shops? Nice looking engine.
  10. F73 is at the shops having it's annual PM.
  11. Found out only the water tender moved. E156 is a 4 man engine so they will cross staff the tender. P73 stayed at 73.
  12. When did this happen and why?
  13. God Bless!
  14. I spoke to my buddy who's a Captain on E82. He doesn't have any info on the type3. As of two days ago no notification 82's will receive this rig.
  15. Any word who will receive this?