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  1. Any info on the one and only red type 3? Station assignment?
  2. Maybe old HR103 will go to ST126 or 130 and man it as needed. I mentioned ST126 because at one time i heard county was going to man a second HR there.
  3. What chassis did they use? Peterbilt i hope. Anyone have additional pictures?
  4. I was told that part of the deal was county would pay for half for a new station. Is this not true?
  5. No, 116 and 51 did not swap.
  6. Crews are removing the wheel covers for personal reasons or because they become damaged. Black painted wheels are again the crews doing this until told not to. Wheels are painted red from the factory and then covered with the simulators.
  7. Drove bye 27's today. Old 88 is in the house.
  8. It;s a joint station build. Hermosa Beach and LaCo are building the station together. It was part of the take over.
  9. Crew's are doing this. The horrible black wheel look or the stock red wheels.
  10. One was ordered. As stated above.. old 88 is now in service at 27's.
  11. 9's is in a reserve since the accident. They don't want the original truck back.
  12. Third Ca dept with a Roto Ray. Nice....
  13. Carson didn't want to pay for E127. Sq10 went into service and Foam 10 moved to St 127 still F10. The Hermosa Beach Pierce is at the county shops. Rumor is county is going to repaint and stripe. Make it a county engine and use it as a reserve.
  14. LAFD went with KME for new engine's. Many issues with the rigs. Newest order for engines are Pierce as none are in service at this time. LACO Fire has had it's ups and downs with KME. They stay with KME for a few reasons. Mechanics shops have all the spare parts for KME. But most important is.. Low bid every time.
  15. Is Phoenix going back to a Fed Q siren on all new apparatus? Or only the TL?