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  1. No this is a brand new Unit.
  2. Another new Pierce LAFD US&R 88. Lightbar and Rear View Mirrors now matches new Trucks and Engines from Pierce.
  3. Two more.
  4. More photos of HM 129 completed.
  5. More Photos of the new HM 129 in process of being built.
  6. Youtube Video from HME.
  7. Exactly, they need a ready reserve for the OES Type 3's. Hence the purchase.
  8. New LACoFD Hazmat 129
  9. Posted on Pierce's Flickr today. 9th TDA Shop # 60809
  10. Both s/n 60796 (grey ladder) and 60807 are at the Shops. 60796 has T11 lettering above the grill below the windshield.
  11. HM129 runs a non trailered setup. As seen here. This is being replaced with the new KME pictured above.
  12. Culver City FD, CA New Truck 42