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  1. Truck 9 2006 ALF is now Truck 69. Truck 9 appears to have recieved there Pierce TDA. See link below at 00:52 seconds. I spy a new TDA at station 9.
  2. SN 60824 SN 60825
  3. @RsqfxrWaiting to see if any additional changes need to be made before production of the remaining order? How many in total were ordered?
  4. Posting for @Rsqfxr Click on link below for video. New LAFD Pierce Engine 87
  5. @RsqfxrCan't get the movie to play. Can you repost?
  6. Great Looking new rig Rsqfxr. Out of curiosity, any idea why is the rear body is taller then the Cab?
  7. No this is a brand new Unit.
  8. Another new Pierce LAFD US&R 88. Lightbar and Rear View Mirrors now matches new Trucks and Engines from Pierce.
  9. Two more.
  10. More photos of HM 129 completed.
  11. More Photos of the new HM 129 in process of being built.