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  1. wow looks like long beach fire has hit the jackpot this budget, in addition to restoring several units that were budget cut casualties they also just ordered 6 new seagrave pumpers as well as 1 pierce 102 foot tiller ladder and 1 pierce 107 foot rear mount ladder. good times for them
  2. that thing has been around for a long time, got to be up for replacement soon. their engines have been replaced twice over since this rig was purchased
  3. orange squad 6 is no longer staffed, it was taken out of service about 3 years ago due to budget problems. it has now been re-configured as orange usar 1 and is cross staffed by orange truck 1 as needed
  4. it will be interesting to see how well those 107 foot single axle quints hold up
  5. not really a clear pic but it shows dome of it, keep in mind there is a support unit that rolls with it which is a 4 man cab with a big utility body on it
  6. buckeye, you are correct orange city does have a type 3 but for some reason it does not always get assigned on out of county responses. every once in a while it does tho. with Anaheim having 4 type 3, brea having 2 and laguna having 2 they usually go 3 Anaheim 1 brea and 1 laguna beach. fullerton at one time had 2 type 3 rigs from ocfa but have got rid of them. I suspect since fullerton's usar is now a type 1 heavy rescue they are focusing more on that they seem to be getting quite a few runs on that unit now
  7. with Anaheim, brea and laguna beach fielding type 3 rigs they usually combine them to make the type 3 strike team and will use fullerton, huntington beach, Newport beach , orange city and costa mesa to make up the type 1 strike teams. fountain valley will usually supply the b.c
  8. video of this fire is up at on scene video website
  9. there will be 9 city departments left when the transition is complete
  10. ocfa accecpted garden grove's request for full service last night. the options shoud be done in a few months. looks like ocfa will grow by another 7 stations
  11. from reading the memo, it sounds to me like la county is going to use the money for type 1 engines and ladders trucks.
  12. garden grove has asked ocfa for a rfp for full service garden grove.pdf
  13. many fire departments including mine are complaining that the system is not working as it was intended. it is not intended to be a fire scanner, many people who have the app, who don't work in the fire service are disableing it because they are getting 10-15 sometimes more alerts for non ems incidents in a hour. john q public does not care about building fires, vegetation fires or any fires at all. the site was intended to notify a person trained in cpr or first aid of a medical aid needing rapid assistance prior to the arrival of medical personel
  14. I heard that pulse point ie re-focusing on what gets put up on-line. remember they are not a scanner service. incidents such as vehicle fires, dumpsters, investigations, vegetation, building and most calls where ems is not involved are going to be eliminated
  15. the building was 30,000 square feet , fully involved upon arrival of ocfa battalion 2, the fire went defensive almost immediately, with ladder pipes, deck guns and 2 1/2 inch lines. almost 100 firefighters from Anaheim, fullerton, orange city, brea and ocfa were on scene. there were 2 task forces from huntington beach, Newport beach, costa mesa, fountain valley and laguna beach bought up, one to cover the empty Anaheim and fullerton stations as they both had quite a few units on the fire. and a second staged at north net training center in the event they were needed on the fire. there was 3 injuries, one a worker with a leg injury and 2 fullerton firefighters, one with heat exhaustion and the other with a low grade electrical shock. all are expected to be fine. the blaze was under control by 6pm , but units remained on the scene wel into the night