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  1. So....I just saw one of these Tillers Northbound Arizona just outside of Mesquite, NV. Only 1 of them and did not have company markings. Definitely 1 of the Pierces.
  2. Link to the picture of Squad 32......
  3. There are definitely exceptions based on area needs (I think the Mt Charleston rig is 4x4 with height issues in the Station). No urban 4x4 engines). I have seen a picture of a rig marked as Squad 32. However its more of an LA County Style Paramedic Squad than what has classically been a squad in Clark County (Type 6 wildland rig). I don't remember where I saw the picture...but it was likely here or Appeared they replaced R-232 with the Squad as a peak time unit.....but that is mostly guessing and I have no idea if there are others (ie Squad 18). If I find the pic....I'll link it.
  4. Clark County Stations 72(Moapa), 73(Logandale), and 74(Overton) are in whats called the Moapa Valley Fire District. They are still "Managed" via Clark County Fire, but vehicles are purchased via the Fire District. That is why they are essentially the only volunteer stations with new rigs. Otherwise most everything is hand me downs. Squads can be an exception cause there aren't any in the Career CCFD stations to hand down, as well as the Tenders, since there is only 1 CCFD career Tender. Whereas I believe every CCFD Volunteer Station has at least a Squad and most have Tenders. They just aren't purchased often due to not significant wear and tear at the volunteer stations, so some can be on the old side.
  5. This happened awhile ago...probably close to a year. They swapped CBRNE 8 and Truck 3 (Now CBRNE 3 and Truck 8). GIves them better truck coverage on the East side of town and the CBRNE is now stationed with the Haz Mat team.
  6. County fire has ordering the short rigs for looks like all stations for a couple of years, starting with E-32. No County career stations that I am aware of are of is length or height restricted. I think the old station 20 may have been...but that would have been it. 32 being short wheelbase works out good for the Strip...I'm guessing they just want all the rigs the same.
  7. Clark County T16 is also a 75' straight stick quint...similar to T22 (T16 Got a new truck in the last year or so)
  8. Clark County T16 is also a 75' straight stick.
  9. The rigs are very real....I know that for a fact. The story and NFPA requirement are not. Call the Cops is a satirical website. The more outrageous the better.....and it's not even April Fools Day.
  10. The "Call the Cops" website doesn't do real "news." That story is made up....
  11. My guess for the quint was T-16. They are currently in an older Ferrara 75' quint. Quite possibly the only non Pierce frontline unit in the County's Las Vegas Valley Fleet. Although your guess sounds pretty logical as well......
  12. I'm John. I've been a in EMS for about 19 years and am currently with Mesquite NV Fire Rescue. I mostly troll around but do occasionally put my $0.02 when I feel I have something valuable. Welcome Back!