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  1. What are they getting ?
  2. Any idea on the first batch of Pierce engines ?
  3. Anybody know where they are headed?
  4. They have had 2 for a long time
  5. I believe you have to sign up for a log in
  6. A few agencies in the north bay have bought Ferrara and having nothing but problems .
  7. Two different lenses
  8. Nothing beats the sound of a real Q2B
  9. The new trucks they have purchased recently also have the green light up front
  10. Don't quote me but I believe it distinguishes the truck compinies vs engine companies . Trucks have the green light
  11. Any pictures?
  12. Waterguy, any idea what the front axle was and what they replaced it with? Thanks
  13. With modern day fire engines having MDC, radio chargers, flashlight charger (just to mention a few) the need to charge the batteries while not in the firehouse is imperative. I installed two sets of solar panels on our engine about two years ago. We were having starting issues and battery problems. Since the install, no problems. It's a pretty easy 4-5 hour install. Anybody with some mechanical and electrical knowledge can do it.
  14. Any pictures of the new ford enforcers ?