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  1. Hop
  2. http://tbrnews.com/news/hermosa-beach-votes-to-move-fire-services-to-la-county/article_5625e28c-2ad4-11e7-89e2-03072bf097cf.html Looks like LACoFD will be taking over for Hermosa.
  3. I believe Q162 is running old Q3. Q3 received their new unit around the same time stations 161 and 162 did the unit swaps.
  4. A family friend of mine is en engineer for city and he had positive things to say about the Pierce and Seagrave engines. Not so much KME. From my understanding a reason city went with KME was because they could get 3 KMEs for the price of 2 Pierce engines. You got what you pay for I suppose.
  5. I've noticed recently that rescue 4 is now identified as USAR 4. Does anyone know the reason behind this? Did the rig lose a certification?
  6. Thanks for the answers guys.
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/30654983825/ Link to photo of the new HR being used on 10/20/16.
  8. In regards to SDFD's fast response unit. Squad 55 went into service July 1, 2014 at 6135 Imperial Ave in the Encanto area. The unit is housed alone from 8AM-8PM by a FF/PM and a FF. A second squad is supposed to be put into service late September or October in south University City.
  9. Does anyone know what the deal is with the TDA? I haven't seen that rig more than a few times since my previous post and I work right by the station. The handful of times I did see it back in service it would be gone within what seemed like a week or two. I drove by today and they're currently running 10s old rig (saw the outline of the removed 10 decal).
  10. Drove by 1s today (10/15/14) and saw the Crimson TDA sitting in the garage.
  11. Lately in downtown I've been seeing a white rural metro unit. Wasn't able to get a unit number though.
  12. E88 was involved in a traffic collision today (9/17/14) responding to a call. Only saw an aerial photo of the engine. A picture of the vehicle hit by E88 looked like it was broadsided pretty good.
  13. Saw T1 responding today and they're running a 105' rear mount.
  14. Saw T1 responding in the newer Crimson TDA today.
  15. 1s has been running an older Spartan/LTI(?) TDA with the white cab in front line service. Whenever that rig is out a 75' rear mount is used. Also the other day I saw what I believe was the 2006 Crimson TDA at the shops.
  16. Taken from http://www.code2high.com/faq.htm "There is pretty much one heavy paramedic squad per division with a few exceptions. It pretty much looks the same as a regular squad, except it has more supplies on it. I has the triage tarps, more backboards, more medical supplies and auto injectors than the regular squads. These heavy squads are the normal squads at Fire Stations 19,21,29,31,36,37,47,50,54,68,111,118,129,151 and 172." Looking at County's response matrices, heavy squads will respond to major rescue T/Cs as well as T/Cs involving buses. This is I'm guessing if the incident didn't occur in the heavy squad's first in.
  17. What is SDFD's numbering system for reserve apparatus? Today in downtown on G Street, right before the 94 on ramp, I saw a truck parked that was numbered 905. It was an older looking rear mount.
  18. What are the laws in California as a whole and San Diego specifically regarding the transportation of passengers in an ambulance, other than the patient? Assuming there is space, are family members the only people allowed to ride in the ambulance to the hospital? Can friends, boyfriends/girlfriends ride too? Or are first responders only allowed to be present?
  19. Thanks for the reply E001. A coworker was telling me how a friend of his wasnt allowed to ride in the ambulance with his girlfriend to the hospital. I don't know where this happened or who handled the transport.
  20. The Captain II is the truck captain and they are the officer in charge of the TF. The captain I is the engine captain and is a lower rank than the Truck captain. Not sure if EMS captains are I or II but I want to say I. I believe the Squads are assigned a captain I as well.
  21. I think LAFD's reason for the truck to lead is so it can get the best position at a structure fire to deploy its ladder if the need arises. The information in my posts all come from memory of things I've read and from personal observations so if anything is wrong someone please correct me.
  22. EMT_FS46 just about summed up how LAFD staffs their task forces and light forces. Also when the LF responds out of the station the truck leads with the pump following. If the TF responds the truck leads, followed by the engine which is followed by the pump. I thought E209 was taken out of service and replaced with an ALS rescue a while ago with the new deployment plan? When it was still staffed it was the only pump in the department staffed with an engineer, captain and 2 FFs due to the call volume at the station.
  23. I think 79 has one too.