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  1. Hop
  2. http://tbrnews.com/news/hermosa-beach-votes-to-move-fire-services-to-la-county/article_5625e28c-2ad4-11e7-89e2-03072bf097cf.html Looks like LACoFD will be taking over for Hermosa.
  3. I believe Q162 is running old Q3. Q3 received their new unit around the same time stations 161 and 162 did the unit swaps.
  4. A family friend of mine is en engineer for city and he had positive things to say about the Pierce and Seagrave engines. Not so much KME. From my understanding a reason city went with KME was because they could get 3 KMEs for the price of 2 Pierce engines. You got what you pay for I suppose.
  5. Thanks for the answers guys.
  6. I've noticed recently that rescue 4 is now identified as USAR 4. Does anyone know the reason behind this? Did the rig lose a certification?
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/30654983825/ Link to photo of the new HR being used on 10/20/16.
  8. In regards to SDFD's fast response unit. Squad 55 went into service July 1, 2014 at 6135 Imperial Ave in the Encanto area. The unit is housed alone from 8AM-8PM by a FF/PM and a FF. A second squad is supposed to be put into service late September or October in south University City.
  9. Does anyone know what the deal is with the TDA? I haven't seen that rig more than a few times since my previous post and I work right by the station. The handful of times I did see it back in service it would be gone within what seemed like a week or two. I drove by today and they're currently running 10s old rig (saw the outline of the removed 10 decal).
  10. Drove by 1s today (10/15/14) and saw the Crimson TDA sitting in the garage.
  11. Lately in downtown I've been seeing a white rural metro unit. Wasn't able to get a unit number though.
  12. E88 was involved in a traffic collision today (9/17/14) responding to a call. Only saw an aerial photo of the engine. A picture of the vehicle hit by E88 looked like it was broadsided pretty good.
  13. Saw T1 responding today and they're running a 105' rear mount.
  14. Saw T1 responding in the newer Crimson TDA today.
  15. 1s has been running an older Spartan/LTI(?) TDA with the white cab in front line service. Whenever that rig is out a 75' rear mount is used. Also the other day I saw what I believe was the 2006 Crimson TDA at the shops.