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  2. Redondo has utilized ambulances for their paramedics but they do not transport. A 1986 ruling by the Court of Appeals in California held the County responsible for the provision of 9-1-1 Emergency Ambulance Transportation Services to all residents of the County, including persons within incorporated areas. As a result, the Department of Health Services (DHS) created Exclusive Operating Areas (EOAs) for contract Ambulance Operators. At that time, public sector Fire Departments which could demonstrate to the satisfaction of the County that they had been performing uninterrupted emergency medical response to their community could maintain the right to do so going forward, without ever having to apply for this privilege again in the future. This right existed providing the public sector Fire Department had never waived their right to perform transport services under HSC Section 1797.224. These so-called “224 transport rights” have been the subject of a disagreement between the County and the City of Redondo Beach, as the County believes that the City Of Redondo Beach gave up its 224 transport rights some time ago. When the City has pressed the County to recognize the right of Redondo Beach under this section, the County has refused to do so. This is why transport service is presently provided within Redondo Beach by a private ambulance carrier under a ten year contract with the County. In 2016, the County once again denied the RBFD proposal for transport. This is why they are purchasing squads.
  3. The numbering refers to the city ID vehicle number not RBFD unit number. They are still stations 61 and 62.
  4. The Torrance Fire Department has been approved to purchase three (3) 2018 Dodge RAM 4500 cab and chassis vehicles with refurbished paramedic rescue bodies from Phenix Enterprises in the amount of $421,899.12. They also were approved to purchase one (1) new 2018 Dodge RAM 4500 rescue vehicle as well. The new vehicles will replace one reserve (2000 Ford E-350) and three frontline rescue vehicles (2005 Ford E-450, 2005 Ford E-450, 2008 Ford E-450). The 2008 Ford rescue which has 66,693 miles is non-operational due to diesel engine damage. The new units will be unleaded gasoline vehicles. Apparently the ambulances that they purchased and were testing out were not favored and they are bringing back the squads.
  5. No. I have not read anything about that unit getting replaced.
  6. The vehicles recommended for approval include one 2018 Pierce Arrow XT 107' Tiller (aerial ladder truck) and one 2018 Pierce Arrow XT Engine (units 114 and 124 respectively), one 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Truck (battalion) and two 2018 Dodge Ram 4500 Pickup Trucks with squad bodies (rescues) (units 107, 135 and 136 respectively) for the Fire Department.
  7. Does anyone know what these units FOR 22 and K97 are used for?
  8. Yes, it is an Arrow XT chassis.
  9. They also mention about using Measure B funds in 2018-2019 FY to purchase a Bell 412 to continue the expansion of trauma air transport services in the Antelope Valley 24/7.
  11. The Santa Monica Fire Department has been approved to purchase one (1) KME Type 1 Ladder Truck and four (4) KME Type 1 Fire Engines in the amount of $6,366,513. Funding for an additional Type 1 Aerial Ladder Truck and one Type 1 Fire Engine is contingent upon Council budget approval within the next 5 years.
  12. What is also being factored into the decision is that a new station needs to be built. If the city keeps the fire department, they need to build a Headquarters Station. If the county takes over, they only need to build a neighborhood station. The firefighters are now living and working in prefab modulars and the Engine and RA are out under tents due to unsafe living conditions at the current station.
  13. I believe it is housed in El Segundo. The rigs at that station are numbered 41 and 42. Richmond's station numbering is in the 60's.
  14. No, I think he means the white scene lights just below the lightbar in this video @ 1:22 mark.