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  1. Our license renewal fee is coming up. Any donations towards that cost or other EMTBravoWest.com costs would be greatly appreciated Click on this link to securely donate via credit card, e-check, or Paypal. Thanks!
  2. Members, A few times each week, we send out a newsletter containing recent topics that are being discussed on the fourms. I'm just curious if these newsletters are making it to your inbox? Seth
  3. We are looking for Moderators to help build and grow our site. Here's a synopsis: Our moderators are also here to help members use the site software. If you are interested, please email me at seth@emtbravo.com Please include why you want to be a member of our staff, and if you have very good knowledge of the emergency service in Los Angeles, etc. , computer skills, experience moderating or participating in any other online communities or any other things that you would bring to the table. Please note that due to the number of members wanting to help, we don't want to be overstaffed. As our forums grow, we may need you, so we will keep your application on file. Please do not let this discourage you from applying. I look forward to hearing from you. Seth G. EMTBravoWest.com Administrator seth@emtbravo.com
  4. EMTBravoWest.com is established to serve a community of people who have an interest in a particular area, it is a place for people to exchange ideas, thoughts and comments and a place where people can discuss things which they find interesting or important.
  5. Welcome to the new EMTBravoWest.com! Please pass the message along to everyone you know that may be interested that we're alive again! EMTBravoWest.com is the EMTBravo for California, Arizona, and Nevada, and the rest of the Southwest US and Pacific Northwest. I appreciate everyone's patience and loyalty during this extended downtime. We had a major technical issue while I was hospitalized in March, and the server hosting company mistakenly "reclaimed" the server, and deleted everything with it while I was hospitalized for over a week with no cell or internet access. So, we have to start from scratch again. We did have backup, but it was "corrupted". I am truly sorry, and very upset that this happened. But, right now, it's water under the bridge, and we will move forward. A new backup system is in place in case something like this happens again. Members will have to re-register. Please feel free to post after registration in our "Introduce Yourself" thread. Additionally, please reach out to anyone and everyone you know to let them know that EMTBravoWest.com is back online. I'm also looking for some help to grow and run this forum. Please see the "Help Wanted" thread for further information. We are still working to improve and add more features to the site that will make the site more enjoyable for all. Once again, thank you for patience and loyalty. I look forward to seeing your posts on the forum. Seth G. Founder & Forum Administrator Email: seth@emtbravo.com